Pet friendly trip: With exclusive services, train car between Curitiba-Morretes, was developed to ensure the safety and comfort of travelers and their pets

Thinking of taking your pet on a trip? Curitiba may be the ideal destination, as the tourist train Curitiba-Morretes, operated by Serra Verde Express, today launched the first luxury wagon for pet friendly trip from Brazil.

Designed to receive both the pets and their tutors, the wagon is signed by the architect Lucille Amaral and allows the animals to travel outside the transport boxes, in seats designed exclusively for them with waterproof fabric and seat belts.

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Curitiba train

Photo: Brunno Covello/ Publicity

In addition, the floor of the wagon is also all rubber and porous so that the pets can move safely during the ride. For pets to feel even more comfortable, the space offers space with hygienic mats and pots with water to cool off, all in the center of a panoramic balcony with an incredible view of the beauty and charm of the Serra do Mar in Paraná.

Pet friendly travel: luxury and pampering for traveling pets

the new wagon pet friendly It is classified as first class, has capacity for 28 people and 8 seats for pets. The coolest thing is that small and medium-sized animals can travel quietly on the lap of passengers. Pets are also free to roam freely around the wagon.

pet friendly trip

Pet friendly travel. Photo: Brunno Covello/ Publicity

The inauguration of the new wagon aims to meet the demand of the pet market, which currently offers several options in products and services. According to estimate of Pet Brazil Institute, in 2019 the revenue of this sector is expected to reach R$ 36.2 billion, 5.4% more than in 2018.

sustainable design

The pet friendly travel wagon project follows a sustainable line, a position that the company Serra Verde Express it's been a long time. The car was built with ecological coatings on the floor, walls and ceilings, certified solid wood, solar energy panel and LED bars.

pet friendly train travel

Photo: Brunno Covello/ Publicity

If you are already thinking about taking your pet for this exclusive train trip, it is important to remember to take the vaccination card, which must be presented before boarding and must be up to date. In addition, it is necessary to carry out an authorization from the veterinarian, in addition to the transport box for those who choose the road return.

The traditional train that follows the route from Curitiba to the city of Mortars has already been nominated in our selection of the most beautiful train travel around the world, being one of the most sought after in Brazil.

+ Info
Pet Serra Verde Express Wagon
Phone: (41) 3888 3488
Time: Departure from the Rodoferroviária de Curitiba at 8:30 am
Tickets: R$ 235 per adult, R$145 for children and R$ 35 per pet
[email protected]br

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