The biggest moon of 2020 will light up the sky next Tuesday night (the 7th) and you will be able to observe the phenomenon directly from your window

While much of the world's population remains in their homes, a celestial phenomenon will take place next Tuesday, April 7th. One super moon, the largest of 2020, will light up the sky – and you'll be able to watch it right from your window. 

In addition to live streams that are entertaining and enchanting people in quarantine around the world, such as Northern Lights in Canada, now people will be able to follow a phenomenon live. The time is right: April is one of the best months in Brazil to observe the sky.

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Longer nights and drier weather allow for greater visibility of the stars, especially the brightest ones. "April's full moon is the closest supermoon to Earth of the year, meaning it will be the largest," the website posted. EarthSky.

How to see the super moon from your house


Photo: Pixabay

The phenomenon known as “super” is not a scientific term. However, he refers to the full moon dates, when the natural satellite is closest to Earth. Because of this, the moon becomes approximately 7% larger and 15% brighter.

In the case of Tuesday's supermoon, it will be about 356,908 km from our planet. At the Brazil, it will be possible to observe the super moon from 11pm – the exact time of moonrise varies from city to city as it depends on the latitude and longitude of the place.

To get the best view of this amazing phenomenon, a tip is to find an open area and watch the satellite appear just above the horizon – that way, it will look even bigger. In cities with less pollution and low light, people will also be able to have better visibility. 

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