The bicolor rainbow appeared on one of the most beautiful beaches in Australia and was captured by photographer David Gray

After a photographer records a rare horizontal rainbow in Washington, United States, another phenomenon was caught by a photographer, this time in Australia. During the sunset on an Australian beach last Friday, a rainbow of two colors appeared and left the scene with an impressive look.

Rainbows have always been a phenomenon that intrigues and delights travelers from all over the world. When the sky is filled with these shades of color and light, destinations are even more beautiful.

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australia bicolor rainbow

Photo: Playback / David Gray

The rainbow appeared in narrate, considered one of the most beautiful beaches in the country. The image, taken by photographer David Grey, from Agence France Presse (AFP), shows incredible shades of red overlapping the other shades of the bow. As the beach was empty, the record was even more impressive.

However, there is an explanation for the bicolor phenomenon: everything is due to the tones of the sky during the sunset, which highlighted the red, the yellow and “hidden” the other colors of the rainbow.

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