Built on the banks of the clear waters of the São Francisco River, the friendly city of piranhas is located in the west of the state of alagoas, in the middle of the hinterland, about 282 km away from the capital Maceió. The municipality has a beautiful and very charming architectural complex, with numerous colorful and well-preserved houses that draw the attention of visitors. So many beauties earned the city the title of National Historic Heritage.

Nicknamed Lapinha do Sertão, piranhas it has narrow streets that are marked by several colonial houses built in the 18th and 19th centuries, with English and Portuguese colonial style architecture.

The small village became nationally known for the image of the decapitated heads displayed in the mansion of the Old Provincial Palace of Lampião, Maria Bonita and her band of companions. The action was carried out by the former lieutenant of the city João Bezerra, in an ambush carried out in the Gruta do Anjico, in 1938.

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piranhas it's the best destiny for those who want to refresh themselves in the green and warm waters of the São Francisco River and discover one of the most beautiful and exotic regions of the Brazilian northeast: the Xingó Canyons. The attraction belongs to the neighboring municipality, Canindé de São Francisco, in the state of Sergipe.

The city also offers a range of accommodation options, restaurants and bars.

On weekends, its historic center has a very busy night, with live music and typical performances of the region. The city can also be seen from the two viewpoints that can be seen in any corner of Piranhas, the Igreja do Senhor do Bonfim, on the other the Mirante Secular occupies the highest peak of the city with access in an immense staircase with 385 steps.

Things to do in Piranhas

Dear Siqueira

Photo: Carla Siqueira

Clock tower

The old clock tower is located in front of the Sertão Museum and was built in 1879. At night, the Café da Torre is located at the top of the building.

Our Lord of Bonfim Church

The friendly church is at the top of a viewpoint with access by a huge staircase with 265 steps, from the top it is possible to see a wonderful view with the São Francisco River as a background.

Sertão Museum

The old railway station building now houses the Sertão Museum, which has numerous objects, clothes, weapons and utensils from the cangaço period. The space also carries murals that narrate the history of the cangaceiros and reproductions of famous images.

Art and Culture Center

If you want to take a souvenir, the best place to shop is the Xingó Handicraft, Arts and Culture Center. In the space, pieces of art and crafts produced in the cities of the Alagoas hinterland are sold, such as baskets, ceramics, drinks, sweets and clothes.

little beach

Access to the beach is through the historic center of piranhas, the attraction is on Orla Altemar Dutra, which has few restaurants and bars that offer structure for those who will spend the whole day relaxing in the waters of the São Francisco River.

Historic center

Take at least one day to walk through all the downtown streets that you can. Find new angles to view Piranhas, colorful houses and town squares are great places to take the perfect photo and take home as a souvenir.

Secular Lookout

Built in the 19th century, Mirante Secular worked as a small lighthouse that guided boats passing through the waters of the São Francisco River. The viewpoint houses an 8-meter-tall pyramid that marks the transition from the 19th to the 20th century.

Other attractions to discover in Piranhas

  • Main Square
  • Cangaço Route
  • Our Lady of Health Church
  • Secular Lookout
  • Train station
  • Ribeira Valley Waterfall
  • Talhado Creek
  • Capia River Trail
  • Largo do Comércio

How to get to Piranhas

Photo: Rute Barbosa

By airplane

Piranhas does not have an airport, the easiest way to get to the city is to disembark at Maceió or Aracaju airport and from there by bus or renting a car.

By bus

Buses bound for Piranhas leave daily from the bus stations in Maceió and Aracaju. From the Sergipe capital, the trip takes an average of 4h30 to Canindé. Then you have to take a taxi to Piranhas, 10 minutes maximum.

By car

Coming from Maceió on the BR-101, go to the municipality of Areia Branca on the BR-235, heading towards Itabaiana. After the journey, take the SE-106 highway to Nossa Senhora Aparecida and Nossa Senhora da Glória. Then follow the SE-206 until reaching Piranhas.

Best time to visit Piranhas

Hilton Lebarbenchon

Photo: Hilton Lebarbenchon

Visiting Piranhas will always be a great opportunity regardless of the time of year. The region is part of the Alagoas hinterland and high temperatures are always present. Summer is the hottest time of the year and the temperature can reach 40º, making outdoor walks difficult. A great option is to try to visit Piranhas during the festivities that take place during the year, such as Carnival and Forrogaço, a kind of early June festival, which takes place in early June.

Where to stay in Piranhas

Photo: Claudio Maranhao

Pousada O Canto is located in the historic center of the city, next to the main attractions of Piranhas. This is a great option for couples arriving at the destination.

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Piranhas has great hosting options on Airbnb. The platform that offers house, apartment and room rentals can be much cheaper than hotels. And if you haven't registered yet, you can use this discount code.

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