Planning to visit Serra Catarinense? So check out these three unmissable tour options in the region and enjoy the best of the destination!

A camera in hand and an idea in mind: indulging in the hobby of photography can be a reward for those who want a way to unleash their creativity. And how to achieve such a thing amidst the sea of concrete and steel of the big cities? Just identify good landscapes to get that perfect angle. And the Serra Santa Catarina it's one of those places.

The region has always been one of the most sought after destinations by those who want to do their own photo shoot due to the profusion of green there. No wonder: fields full of araucaria trees surrounded by canyons and mountains, with waterfalls nearby and impressive rock formations form an almost dreamlike setting, ideal for rehearsals.

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The options are many, but let's leave here our personal choices. After all, there are no better views for a camera to capture than the Viewpoints in the Serra Catarinense. Papuã Waterfall, Mirante da Igreja and Morro do Campestre ended up taking all our consideration, but there are others that deserve an honorable mention, such as São Joaquim, the Mirante in Urubici, Bom Jardim da Serra and Urupema. The mere fact that it can have snow at certain times of the year at Mirantes in Santa Catarina already gives the impression that we are in another country, or rather, in another continent.

In order to reach the place, you have to face winding roads to reach points like Serra do Rio do Rastro and the Serra do Corvo Branco. You pass through fields and forests of araucaria, where you can find the best inns, and further on, in the Planalto Serrano de Lages, are the first farm hotels in the country.

Papuã Waterfall glass gazebo

Santa Catarina mountain range

Photo: Disclosure

Urubici is practically a mandatory stop for those who venture through the region in search of bucolic landscapes. It is at an altitude of 918 meters. At the top of Morro da Igreja, with its 1,822 meters, the lowest temperature in the country was recorded: −17.8 °C, on June 29, 1996.

The municipality is a sanctuary for those seeking fresh air and contact with nature. It is there that the Cachoeira Papuã Tourist Park is located, with a walkway in the middle of the green that is more than 300 meters long. At the end of it is the first stop for your photos, a viewpoint with a glass floor on the edge of a cliff approximately 120 meters high.

The Mirante da Cachoeira Papuã was inaugurated in October 2020 and has a whole charm, especially to observe the waterfall from the viewpoint: the distance to the bottom is impressive and you can't help but feel butterflies in your stomach and your legs going soft. Even so, the interaction with the vegetation and the bucolic air makes the viewpoint unforgettable. And prepare your camera to take pictures of the running water hitting the rocks below…

Church Hill (Pedra Furada)

Santa Catarina mountain range

Photo: Edi Galvani Uliano / Wikimedia Commons

Urubici also has access to the so-called Morro da Igreja, an elevation that actually belonged to the São Joaquim National Park, located on the border between the Santa Catarina municipalities of Bom Jardim da Serra, Orleans and Urubici.

The summit, at an altitude of 1.82 meters, is the second highest in the state and the fourth in this category in the southern region, losing to Morro da Boa Vista (1.82 m) and Caratuva peaks (1.86 m). and Paraná (1.87 m), in the state of Paraná. Morro da Igreja is considered the highest inhabited point in the South Region.

At the very top are the facilities of the Second Integrated Center for Air Defense and Air Traffic Control (CINDACTA II) of the Brazilian Air Force (FAB), with the first Meteorological Radar Station (ERM) in Santa Catarina, which constantly monitors weather conditions. in the equipment coverage area.

There is Pedra Furada, a natural sculpture in the form of a window with 30 m in circumference. From there, on clear days, you can see the sea, which is more than a hundred kilometers away. If the weather is cloudy and cloudy, the view is still worth it. As the Mirante do Morro da Igreja is right in front, the beauty of the landscape is guaranteed.

Hill of Campestre

country hill attractions

Photo: Márcia Elaine Pinheiro Balke / Wikimedia Commons

Our third and final pick is located on a private farm. It costs twenty reais to enter. It recently underwent a complete restructuring between 2018 and 2019, when access became much easier to reach the top of the elevation.

Morro do Campestre has sandstone formations that lie over the Canoas River valley, also in Urubici. There are panoramic views (prepare the function on your camera) and incredible rock formations, as well as a good view of the Rio Canoas Valley, far below.

The hill itself has a curious shape to say the least. Sandstone formations, on top of a mountain at 1380 meters of altitude. They gave rise to certain curious shapes, such as the passage between the rocks that resembles a door or, according to some, a window. The place had the name before Morro da Cruz, on account of a wooden cross that was in this opening in the rocks. Over time, of course, it rotted and was not replaced, but the name is now synonymous with the perfect place to take good pictures.

+ info:

Papuã Waterfall Glass Lookout

UCI Highway, 048 – São Cristóvão, Urubici – SC, 88650-000
Phone: (49) 99159-1818
Instagram: @cachoeirapapua

Church Hill

Sao Joaquim National Park
Av. Pedro Bernardo Warmling, 1542 – Bairro Esquina – CEP: 88.650-000 – Urubici – SC
Phone: (49) 3278-4994
Official site

Hill of Campestre

Estrada Geral – Campestre, Urubici – SC, 88650-000
Instagram: @morro.docampestre

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