Located in the extreme north of Brazil, the amapá It is the Amazon state with the best preserved forest cover in the country, where almost all Brazilian biomes can be found: mangroves, dense tropical forest, flooded fields and savannas.

Strategically located, the capital Macapá has its coast bathed by the Amazon River and holds a relic of military architecture dating from the 18th century: the São José de Macapá Fortress, restored and transformed into a center for cultural activities. Other tourist attractions that stand out are the Marco Zero de Ecuador Monument, the Trapiche Eliezer Levy and the Forest Products Market.

Another popular attraction is the Pororoca, a natural phenomenon produced by the meeting of river currents with oceanic waters. The phenomenon manifests itself, in Brazil, at the mouth of the Amazon River and tributaries of the coast of Pará and Amapá (Araguari River, Maiacaré River, Guamá River, Capim River, Moju River), and at the mouth of the Mearim River, in Maranhão. This shock of the waters knocks down large trees and modifies the riverbeds. Recently, the phenomenon has attracted surfers, becoming an important regional tourist attraction in the Amazon.

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Tourism in Macapá: what to see and do


Fortress of São José in Macapá. Photo: João Leitao

Ground Zero in Macapá. Photo: Embratur Publicity

Saca Museum. Photo: Embratur Publicity

Saca Museum. Photo: Embratur Publicity

Marco Zero Monument in Ecuador. Photo: Birth Photo

Saca Museum. Photo: Embratur Publicity

Oiapoque River. Photo: Nina Maia

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