Popular destination in the northeast region of Brazil, the state of Ceará is home to enchanting natural beauties

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places like Strength, broken Canoe, Aquiraz and the little star, the charming village of Jericoacoara, are being visited more and more and need to be added to your travel list if you are that type of traveler who is always looking to enjoy a vacation in private paradises. The tranquility of beautiful landscapes and the animation of a welcoming people will make the difference in your trip.

THE Ceará is among the fastest growing because of its wide choice of tourist attractions and many companies in the segment are settling in the state. It's in the Ceará which is the largest water park in Brazil and South America, the Beach Park structure reference and was recently ranked by TripAdvisor as the second best water park in the world.

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At Ceará beaches are not behind any other on the Brazilian coast. With a sea of clear and warm waters, it can be divided into three regions: beaches on the east side where the cliffs are predominant in the landscapes, especially Morro Branco in Beberibe and Canoa Quebrada in Aracati, the beaches on the west side with a high concentration of dunes (Cumbuco, Lagoinha, Flecheiras and Mundaú) and the urban beaches of the capital Fortaleza.

The gastronomy of Ceará is another point that should be explored, the regional cuisine offers tropical and exotic flavors, with peculiar seasonings that please all palates. Seafood is the main dish, crabs, crabs, shrimp and oysters are some of the ingredients that make up the Ceará menu.

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