Located in a cove surrounded by dunes, coconut trees and reefs that form natural pools, Praia de Flecheiras is one of the great highlights of the Ceará coast.

With a calm and relaxed atmosphere, the small village of Flecheiras beach belongs to the municipality of betrayed, at the Ceará. The destination is approximately 145 km from Fortaleza and has been pointed out as one of the most paradisiacal scenarios on the west coast of the state, along with other fishing villages located on the seaside.

With few streets lined with rustic and cozy buildings, arrows It is the ideal destination for those who want to enjoy days of tranquility, taking advantage of magnificent scenery in a point recently discovered by tourists on the northeastern coast. The main postcard are the charming natural pools scattered all over the beach. The pools have extremely clear water and appear only during the ebb of the tide. A great way to cool off from the high temperatures, present practically throughout the year.

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arrows It is among two other highly visited destinations in the state: Praia de Lagoinha and the paradisiacal Mundaú. The proximity to attractions allows for a quick “hop back”. Another recommended attraction is to visit the friendly fishing village at Praia de Guajiru, located a few kilometers from arrows.

In the late afternoon, arrows becomes the stage for an incredible show of colors formed by the sunset, contrasted by the silhouettes of the wind farms in the region. To make the moment even more magical, rent a buggy and head towards the white sand dunes near the village. The phenomenon is contemplated with a panoramic view of the coast at the top of the Por do Sol Dunes.

Gastronomy and handicrafts should also be explored on a visit to arrows. Fish and seafood are the main ingredients of the beach restaurants, the abortion dishes are lobster and stingray moqueca. The rendering work can also be seen in souvenir shops and some ateliers.

Things to do in Flecheiras

Photo: Gustavo Albano

Flecheiras beach

The only and main beach in the village is composed of coconut trees, dunes and landscapes that constantly change their look due to the tide. When it's at its peak, the clear waters of the coast arrive very close to the village, forming a perfect spa with small waves. During low tide, the village gets a special touch due to the natural pools that emerge between the reefs, spread across the entire stretch of beach sand.

Boat ride

Some tourist agencies offer quick tours of Praia de Flecheiras with stops at more isolated natural pools. The tour lasts an average of 1h30.

Sunset Dunes

On the left side of Praia de Flecheiras, a huge area is covered by white sand dunes. It is possible to get close to the dunes by car and take a walk along the sandbanks and enjoy the scenery. Another option is to rent an ATV and explore the region with more autonomy. The values vary from R$180 to R$280, depending on the rental period and the itinerary.

Guajiru beach

Praia de Guajiru is inhabited by few residents of the friendly village located in front of the beach. Those who come to this quiet corner of the coast can get to know some landscapes formed by dunes and lakes. Guajiru is just 7 km from Flecheiras and also has some accommodation options.


The village is also in the municipality of Trairi and is just 19 km from Flecheiras. Mundaú It was built in front of the meeting of the river and the sea and is surrounded by virgin landscapes, formed by beaches with extensive coconut groves, dunes and natural pools that appear during low tide.

Other places to visit in Flecheiras

  • Mundaú natural pools
  • stone of the indies
  • Barra do Rio Trairi
  • Lagoinha Beach
  • Lagoa do Jegue
  • Almecegas Lagoon
  • Mundaú viewpoint
  • Emboaca beach

How to get to Flecheiras

Photo: Gustavo Albano

By airplane

The nearest airport is located in Fortaleza, 145 km from Flecheiras. From there it is possible to make the journey with chartered cars, tourist agencies and travel buses.

By car

To get to Flecheiras, head towards Cumbuco, then go through Paraipaba and Trairi. The last kilometers of the trip are full of dunes and views of the coast.

By bus

Some companies offer the route from João Thomé Bus Station to Trairi. From the city it is still necessary to travel another 12 km to the village. You can choose to go to Flecheiras by taxi or with the buses from charter.

Best time to visit Flecheiras

Photo: Gustavo Albano

The coast of Ceará is a sure destination throughout the year. Temperatures are always around 27°C and rain is rare. The rainiest time of the year is during the first semester, but the chances of having sunny periods are great.

Where to stay in Flecheiras

Photo: Gustavo Albano

Flecheiras is rustic and small. The village has few streets and most of the accommodation options are around the busiest points of the destination: Praça São Pedro, next to the church of São Pedro, and by the sea.

THE Dayo Hotel, a Pousada do Paiva and the Pousada Janelas do Mar, are great accommodation options for sleeping and waking up listening to the sound of the sea. THE butterfly house, The Inn Tribus it's the Pouso do Kite Pousada, are other well located options and highly recommended by those who pass through the village.

Find accommodation in Flecheiras here.

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