goiânia It is the second largest city in the center west of Brazil, after Brasília, and is also the closest capital to the Federal District with 209km of distance. The city that is the largest in the state of Goiás, currently has about 1.5 million inhabitants, ranking it among the 12 largest cities in the country in terms of population and the sixth largest city in terms of territorial size.

goiânia is considered one of the cities with the best quality of life in the country for being one of the newest capitals, the low costs, leisure areas, squares, parks and the strategic location with Brasília and with the southeastern states, allow a more accessible city while maintaining a pattern of growth that increases every day. goiânia also concentrates an important set of cultural spaces in the state, the capital of Goiás it has museums and galleries that show the essence of good taste in Goiás and has also become a great environment to host corporate events and cultural festivals, precisely because the region is right in the center of the country, favoring the city with closer access conditions.

Those who visit the capital are surprised by the city's architectural heritage and by the good typical country cuisine, centralizing in the menus a little of what can be found exploring Goiás. The largest hub of bars, restaurants and nightclubs in the state are located in the capital, which is also the place where there is a greater concentration of shopping centers, event spaces and concert halls.

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Another place that is usually a mandatory stop for those traveling to goiânia, is without a doubt, to meet some of the popular fairs in the region, among them the most curious is the Feira Hippie de goiânia, which began in the sixties when some hippies began to exhibit their work in the public square. The most interesting thing is that that concentration of wandering craftsmen started to increase more and more as the years went by. Currently, the fair still takes place every Sunday at Praça do Trabalhador and has more than 6,000 exhibitors of different items that delight visitors and residents.

What to do:

Flamboyant Park

Great place to contemplate long walks, the park is located in a noble region of Goiânia, the well wooded area has a lake and beautiful gardens.

Carlos Eduardo Bittencourt

Photo: Carlos Eduardo Bittencourt

Areião Park

The park has a wide running track and is very busy with locals and tourists. It has a children's area and a lot of green where it is possible to have a pleasant picnic with the family.

Moema Andrade

Photo: Moema Andrade

Cerrado Memorial Museum

The Memorial do Cerrado museum houses a huge deer about the fauna and flora, soils and minerals and even civilizations that once inhabited the region. Among the pieces are fposses, stuffed animals and a petrified forest.

Cristina Masson

Photo: Cristina Masson

Oscar Niemeyer Cultural Center

Located in the southern part of the city, the Oscar Niemeyer Cultural Center, also known as CCON, is a complex of cultural spaces intended for exhibitions, artistic performances, events and shows. The complex also houses a Library, the Monument to Human Rights, the Palace of Music and the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Naldo Mundim

Photo: Naldo Mundim

Other tourist attractions in Goiania:

  • Bosque dos Buritis
  • Moon Fair
  • Rio Vermelho Theater
  • Metropolitan Cathedral of Goiania
  • Monument to the Three Races
  • Pedro Ludovico Teixeira Museum
  • Civic Square
  • Goiás Museum
  • Museum of Anthropology of the Federal University of Goiás
  • Serra Dourada Stadium
  • Museum of Contemporary Art

How to get:

By airplane
Santa Genoveva International Airport – Goiânia receives daily flights from the main capitals of Brazil.

By car
From Brasília: 207km – access via BR-060.
From Belo Horizonte: 890km via BR-153 and BR-262.
From Cuiabá: 930km via BR-060 and BR-364.

By bus
The city receives daily buses from several Brazilian capitals. For up-to-date information on which companies operate to Goiânia, it is worth calling the bus station in the capital.
Goiania bus station
Tel: (62) 3240-0000

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