A true oasis protected by a huge area of dunes, low vegetation and an immense blue coast awaits you on the west coast of Ceará, close to the border with the state of Piauí

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The elegant village of Jericoacoara It is 300 km from Fortaleza and became known in the mid-80s, when an important American newspaper elected the beach as one of the most beautiful in the world. Since then, Jericoacoara has been explored by tourists from all over the world. There are no streetlights or street lights in the village, just stars and moonlight. Another important factor is the location far from big cities, allowing extreme contact with nature, an experience that allows us to achieve a unique feeling of freedom.

Charming not only for the surrounding nature, the small village of Jericoacoara it has streets on the sand and rustic buildings that blend in with the landscape, maintaining the simplicity of a true fishing village.

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Jericoacoara has a vibrant energy that can be tapped 24 hours a day. In the morning the village is almost uninhabited, since most tourists are enjoying the sunny days taking the various tours offered in the region, such as the Lagoon of Paradise, one of the main postcards of the destination.

At night, the rustic atmosphere takes over Jericoacoara. There are dozens of lively bars with live music and super cozy restaurants, specialized in different dishes and spread out between the narrow alleys and the main streets of the village.

The main attraction of Jericoacoara is also the background of the village, the Sunset Dune, is in front of the sea and next to the village. Every late afternoon, tourists climb the huge dune to enjoy the phenomenon that always provides fantastic shows.

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Things to do in Jericoacoara

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Jericoacoara beach

Main beach in the village, always very busy with practitioners of kitesurfing and windsurf thanks to the strong winds that pass through the region. The beach has a complete infrastructure with several bars, restaurants, equipment rental stores and conveniences.

Praia da Malhada

Located next to Serrote Hill, a Praia da Malhada it has clear, warm waters and small waves that invite surfers. In a rugged stretch full of rocks, natural pools are formed when the tide is low.

Praia do Prea

Located to the east of National park, this fishing village is one of the gateways to Jericoacoara. The main income of the residents of Preá comes from fishing, on its shore it is possible to enjoy delicious restaurants with dishes washed down with fish, shrimp and lobster as the main ingredient. THE Preá beach It is also considered perfect for the practice of kitesurfing.

Barra do Rio Guriú

Located 10 km away from the village of Jericoacoara, along the west coast. It gave its name to a small fishing village on its outskirts. It determines the western limit of the Jericoacoara National Park with the municipality of Camocim.

blue Lagoon

Crystal clear freshwater lagoon is surrounded by native vegetation. In the past, the lagoon was joined by the other nearby attraction, the Lagoon of Paradise.

Lagoon of Paradise

Main attraction of the municipality of Jijoca, the lagoon has 15 km² of fresh and transparent water, surrounded by huge dunes. is also called Jijoca Lagoon and is very popular for sailing in its calm and warm waters.

dry mangrove

It is a small village located to the west of the village, in the middle of the dunes. Its main attraction is a lagoon that is in the middle of the dunes bordered by a small strip of mangrove that was occupied by the sea.

New Tatajuba

It is located 25 km from the village, along the west coast, in the neighboring municipality of Camocim. It is a small village, still primitive. Some of its dunes are in the process of crystallization, that is, they are compressing and forming hills called dead dunes. It is called Nova because the old one was buried by the dunes.

Holed stone

Icon of Jericoacoara, Pedra Furada is located in the rocky region of Jericoacoara called Serrote and has an arch shape that was carved by the action of the waves of the sea. During the period from July 15th to August 15th, the sun, as it sets, fits into the hole in the stone.

Sunset Dune

To the west of the fishing village, there is a large dune, this is the most popular place to see the unforgettable sunset in Jeri. It is next to Praia das Canoas. During the full moon period, the show is even more beautiful, with the sun on one side and the silver moon on the other.

Serrote Hill

A small mountain of approximately 100 m in height that stands out among the fullness of the dunes. It gave rise to the name of the fishing village that resists, until today, just before the break of the sea. Seen from the high seas, one has the impression that it has the shape of a lying alligator.

Other attractions in Jericoacoara:

    • stone church
    • Well of Ananias
    • sloth tree
    • Jericoacoara Lighthouse
    • Tatajuba Lagoon
    • Love Lagoon
    • Coca-Cola Lagoon
    • Lagoa do Coração
    • Serramar Space
    • Forró da Maloca

How to get to Jericoacoara

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By airplane

The closest airport to Jericoacoara is Fortaleza Pinto Martins International Airport, and it receives daily flights from the main capitals of Brazil.

By bus

The Fretcar company has two buses that depart daily from Fortaleza towards Jericoacoara. The trip takes an average of 7 hours to Jijoca where visitors disembark and take the famous macaw stick to Jericoacoara.

By car

Leaving Fortaleza on BR-222, go to the city of Umirim, then on the CE-354 to the city of Itapipoca, following the CE-178 towards Acaraú, follow this road to the City of Jijoca de Jericoacoara, where you will find , parking spaces for your vehicle, being able to use the local transport service. From Jijoca to Jericoacoara National Park, there are 28 km of Off-Road.

Best time to visit Jericoacoara

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The coast of Ceará has high temperatures throughout the year. The first half of the year is marked by the rainy season in the region, but even so, the chance of sunny days at this time of year is always great.

The best time to see the lakes in the region is just after the rains (August to November), when the water accumulates between the dunes and the lakes reach their peak.

Where to stay in Jericoacoara

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Jericoacoara is very small. The vast majority of hotels in the village are spread out between the 4 main streets of the village, so location is not a concern to be considered in the destination. The difference between the hotels is the features and levels of sophistication. The hotels by the sea are among the most modern and coveted in Jeri. THE Essenza offers private pools in each room with views of the coast. already the Kalango Village has rustic and super comfortable bungalows with a privileged view of the Jericoacoara beach and the Sunset Dune. Another option is the elegant Beach house, a charming hotel with super cozy spaces.

Jeri also offers great family-friendly options. THE Northern Inn, a Baobá Inn it's the Hotel Villa Terra Viva receive excellent reviews from tourists who pass through the region. THE Villa Chic Hostel It's a great spot for tourists who are traveling alone and groups of friends.

Kitesurfers prefer the more deserted beaches around Jericoacoara. Praia do Preá, in Jijoca de Jericoacoara, is a hotspot for athletes and has some good hotel options with a quiet climate in front of the beach.

Find accommodation in Jericoacoara here.

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