There couldn't be a better name for the capital of Bolivia, despite all the chaos and traffic always present in big cities, La Paz has an unusual characteristic that conveys calm. The city rose in the midst of Andes mountain range and anywhere in the metropolis it is possible to observe the mountains covered by snow, the feeling is of always being protected by the “pachamama“, expression used by Bolivians that refers to mother nature.

You will be amazed at the number of attractions the city has to offer. Museums full of history, impressive old buildings, great restaurants, handicrafts and natural beauties in the middle of the Andes are some of the attractions that you can visit in the city.

Plaza Murillo

Located in the heart of the city, Plaza Murillo is surrounded by beautiful mansions such as the Metropolitan Cathedral of La Paz, the Presidential Palace and the National Congress building.

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Photo: Flickr – Annevdk

Killi Killi Lookout

Despite being a painful hike to get there considering the altitude of La Paz, the view from up there is interesting. It gives you a good idea of the geography of La Paz, and a good view of the Hernando Siles Stadium.

Photo: Farinia Mujica

Jaen Street

Walking along Calle Jaén and a mandatory walk in the city of La Paz, Jaén is a street that takes you back in time, very narrow and surrounded by colonial buildings and craft shops, museums and art galleries.

Photo: Flickr – syssy70

National Folklore Museum

Great way to get to know a little more about traditional Bolivian culture. Built in 1700, the building houses an exhibition from pre-Columbian peoples to the most modern times.

Photo: via Flickr ContoursofaCountry

Hechiceria Market

The Witches' Market is known for its craft shops and stalls, full of brightly colored fabrics, here they sell much of what is part of the beliefs of the Andean people: herbs and ancestral medicines, coca leaves that help to fight hunger and the effects of altitude, the mud ferns that bury themselves in the foundations of each new house, in a request for protection to the goddess Pachamama.

Photo: Taeko Itabashi

Cable car ride

La Paz is home to the highest cable car network in the world. There are several lines that are used as a means of transport. Strolling through the wagons is the best way to get to the upper part of the city, understand the geography and see the best views of La Paz.

Photo: javier Rodriguez

San Francisco Church

Located in the largest square in La Paz, Plaza San Francisco, the church is undoubtedly one of the most striking buildings in La Paz, with baroque architecture.

Photo: Brayans Stegmayer

Valley of the Moon

Valle de la Luna is home to hundreds of peculiar rock formations amid canyons resembling the lunar surface. The place got its name because the formations are so different that it feels like walking on the moon.

Photo: Thinkstock

Calle Sagarnaga

The street is prepared for tourists, where you can buy handicrafts, souvenirs and find tour agencies.

Photo: Flickr – francesco25

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