Far beyond Lençóis Maranhenses, the state is full of natural beauties still little explored by tourists such as Chapada das Mesas, in the south of the state, and the charming colonial city of Alcântara.

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the state of maranhão stands out for its great mix of culture and beauty. This is the only state in Brazil where you have the pleasure of to meet all the exoticism of the northern region of the country and enjoy the natural beauties of the northeast. who visits the maranhão has the opportunity to explore a region full of attractions that range from great historic buildings, to incredible landscapes with beautiful beaches, waterfalls, and even a tropical desert.

The capital São Luís, has more than three thousand townhouses and historic mansions, which are spread through the streets and squares of Reviver – the historic center of the capital, listed by UNESCO. The island is bathed by the Atlantic Ocean and the rivers that separate the islet from the mainland, offering beautiful beaches with warm waters, with tides that tend to vary greatly throughout the day.

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Some events also attract the attention of tourists throughout the year, such as the famous bumba-meu-boi, folkloric representation that involves music and dance, celebrated during the June festival between the months of June and July.

If you are a fan of outdoor activities and enjoy ecotourism, the south of the state offers a surprising attraction: the Chapada das Mesas, a region with countless waterfalls of different sizes and dozens of other natural attractions, such as lagoons with crystal clear waters, viewpoints, hills and ecological trails.

It's in the maranhão that you will be able to know the exuberant beauties of the Lencois Maranhenses National Park. The set of gigantic dunes with white and fluffy sands, form a huge tropical desert cut by lagoons with water sometimes blue, sometimes green, attracts people from all over the world.

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