In addition to the most popular destinations, we want to show you that there are many natural paradises and places to discover in Mato Grosso do Sul

THE Mato Grosso do Sul It is a state full of natural paradises and incredible places to discover. 

The Pantanal, its greatest wealth, is full of life, whether from the wild animals that live there or from its most varied vegetation.

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In addition, the various rivers that cross the region form surreal scenarios that attract many tourists.

 This is the case with Bonito. No wonder the city got its name due to the beauty of its caves, waterfalls and rivers. The same occurs with Nobres, known for its crystal clear rivers, caves and waterfalls. 

But, in addition to the most popular destinations, there are several natural and places to visit in Mato Grosso do Sul that are not much explored by tourism.

And our goal here is precisely to introduce them to you.

What to expect from Mato Grosso do Sul

Gateway to the state for those arriving by plane, the capital Campo Grande is already a good example of what can be expected from Mato Grosso do Sul. More than just a passing place, the city is organized, with numerous green areas and many leisure options. 

But when it comes to natural beauty, the cities in the Serra da Bodoquena region and in the Pantanal leave anyone speechless. And it is about these cities that we will talk more later.

Just to put you in the Serra da Bodoquena It is known for its virtually untouched nature, with forests, waterfalls, crystalline rivers, rocky walls, caves and grottos. It is home to macaws, toucans, monkeys, capybaras and other wild animals. 

The environmental protection area is part of the Serra da Bodoquena National Park, maintained by the Chico Mendes Institute for Biodiversity Conservation (ICMBio). 

The Pantanal sul Mato Grossense is the ideal place for those who enjoy ecotourism and want to see wild animals up close, such as the jaguar. The contemplation can be done on farms exclusively dedicated to tourism or on Estrada Parque do Pantanal – an area created in Corumbá for this purpose by the government of Mato Grosso do Sul.

Interested in getting to know this fantastic Brazilian state? So, see more tips about natural paradises and places to visit in Mato Grosso do Sul.

More natural paradises to discover in Mato Grosso do Sul

In addition to the most famous destinations, Mato Grosso do Sul has many natural paradises to discover. So, when traveling to this region, try to visit one of these amazing places. 


Photo: Bonitoway

Located 237 km from Campo Grande, Jardim is a city full of natural beauty. However, for a long time it was overshadowed by its neighbor, Bonito. So much so that many places confuse and indicate attractions in Jardim as if they were in Bonito.

Jardim is in the region of Serra da Bodoquena National Park and is home to beautiful places, which impress by the diversity of fauna and flora.

An example is the Buraco das Araras, which is 28 km from the city center. Inside Fazenda Alegria, the hole has gigantic dimensions: 100 meters deep and 160 meters in diameter. In it, many species of animals live, especially the macaws, which take refuge on its walls. 

Another attraction of Jardim is the Mysterious Lagoon. At 30 meters wide and 60 meters long, it forms a beautiful landscape. The name comes from the fact that its depth is unknown. Several people have already tried to reach the bottom of the lagoon, but the farthest they've reached – and still haven't reached the goal – was 220 meters. 


places to visit in Mato Grosso do Sul

Photo: Bonitoway

Municipality that takes its name from the famous Mato Grosso do Sul mountain range, Bodoquena is 271 km from Campo Grande and, in addition to the natural beauties, it is home to a large number of wild animals. 

Bodoquena is located in the conservation area of Serra da Bodoquena National Park and is famous for its beautiful waterfalls – most of which are open to visitors.

There are several trails in Bodoquena. The main one is the Boca da Onça Ecological Trail, which runs for 4 km inside the forest. 

The route, in addition to the natural beauties and a lot of diversity, reveals waterfalls and natural pools that are excellent for bathing.

Corumbá – Pantanal south of Mato Grosso

places to visit in Mato Grosso do Sul

Photo: Wilson Brito / Wikimedia Commons

Capital of the Pantanal region, Corumbá is 426 km from Campo Grande, close to the border with Bolivia.

The city has an excellent tourist structure focused on the natural beauties of the Pantanal south of Mato Grosso. The tours reveal the biodiversity of the region's fauna and flora.

There are photographic safaris, horseback riding in Pantanal farms and wild animals contemplation on Estrada Parque – a 120 km long trail.

In addition, Corumbá has many historical attractions, such as the Casario do Porto and the Museu do Pantanal. In addition to Fort Coimbra and Fort Junqueira, fortresses built for the defense of Brazil in the Paraguayan War.


places to visit in Mato Grosso do Sul

Photo: Bonitoway

Piraputanga is a district of the city of Aquidauana and is located in a privileged region due to its exuberant nature. 

The place, named after a fish, is on the banks of the Aquidauana River and is surrounded by the mountains of Serra de Maracaju. 

In addition to being very peaceful, ideal for those looking for peace, Piraputanga is a reference for mountain biking, trekking and bird watching. 

The main attraction is Estrada Parque Piraputanga, which cuts through part of the mountain range and passes between important points, such as Morro do Chapéu and Morro do Paxixi.

Meeting of the Waters State Park

Photo: Ary Nascimento Bassous / Wikimedia Commons

The Encontro das Águas State Park received this name because it is located in a region rich in water courses. The basins of the Cuiabá, Piquiri, Cassange, Pirigara, Três Irmãos and Alegre rivers are located there.

The park was created in 2005 and occupies an area of more than 108 thousand hectares, with a great diversity of fauna and flora. There it is possible to observe jaguars and alligators.

However, to visit it is necessary to have authorization, since it is in an area of environmental protection.

Located between the municipalities of Poconé and Barão de Melgaço, the Encontro das Águas State Park is one of the natural paradises and places to visit in Mato Grosso do Sul.

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