We list some of the best places to visit in Liberdade, for sure the neighborhood that is a symbol of immigration will delight you   

If you live in São Paulo or are just passing through, the Liberty neighborhood needs to be on your to-do list places to visit. The place is known for its great Japanese influence, however, it is also a symbol of immigration in the city, as it also houses Chinese, Korean and many immigrants who try to make a living in Brazil.

The Asian features that perpetuate the decoration of the neighborhood's streets were born as a tribute. In the 70s, the influence of these peoples was already very strong, but it all started with the arrival of the Japanese at the beginning of the last century.

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In the search for housing, the current Liberty neighborhood it had a very cheap rent, and most of the houses had large basements, making it easy to shelter groups of families. As soon as they arrived, the Asian peoples already left their mark with several shops, and currently the range of places to visit in the Liberdade neighborhood is immense.

Check out 12 places to visit on your visit to the Liberdade neighborhood

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Market Freedom

THE Freedom Fair happens on weekends and on commemorative dates, it is the best place to feel Asian immigration in your skin. At this fair there is a mix of people: immigrants who have been here for a long time, children of immigrants or even people who have nothing to do with the place, but like to reproduce the culture.

The fair is right at the exit of the subway freedom, and offers several options of typical foods and handicrafts. The most interesting thing about this place is that many merchants don't even speak Portuguese, but contrary to what many think, understanding is very simple, and you can even get a cheaper price if you know how to ask.

Furthermore, visiting the fair is a unique chance to taste japanese foods, made by Japanese, among other ethnicities. And if you get a chance, ask Asian descendants to tell you a little your stories  and your family's roots.

Sun Bookshop

In the vicinity of the Liberdade subway, there is also the Sun Bookshop, which has been present in the neighborhood since the beginning of immigration, and currently has 60 years of tradition. The place is great for anyone interested in learning more about Asian culture, as most of the content is from or talks about foreign languages.

Livraria Sol is one of the best places for anyone trying to learn Japanese, Chinese or Korean, as it has books and magazines for all tastes. The place offers fashion magazines, music, cinema, decoration and many others. Also, it can be a good place to get tutorial books like feng shui and origami.

Another differential of the bookstore is that it has some content that is very successful among the young audience, such as manga and the k-pop phenomenon. That's why it's also one of the best places to visit in the Liberdade neighborhood.

Maruso – Convenience Store

If you go to Liberdade, you can't go back without at least one Japanese sweet. THE Maruso Convenience Store It's another place worth visiting, as it's close to the Liberdade subway, you can easily walk.

The place is divided into three floors, the first two are food or drinks of Asian origin, the second has a separate part for gifts and artifacts. The differential of this store is that on its shelves, there are signs with the indications where each product came from, so it is easier for the visitor to orient himself.

If you're that person looking for seaweed, specialty noodles for Yakisoba and miso soup, the first two floors will blow your mind. But if you don't know anything about Asian food, don't worry, the place offers many different food options that you can't find anywhere, such as Milka chocolate.

Azuki Emporium

Anyone who has been to Liberdade knows that it is almost impossible to visit without visiting the Azuki Emporium. There you can find almost everything from Asian cuisine, from the most popular sweets, such as panda-shaped cookies, to ingredients that only cooks know about.

The name Azuki comes from a typical bean of Japanese origin, which is usually prepared in sweets or for desserts. So, if you want to take a risk and discover the world of Japanese sweets, this is the right place for you. The emporium offers different brands of chocolate, typical sweets such as Moti in different colors and also offers drinks that are not very easy to find, such as Arizona tea.

Another differential of the place is that it offers a faster food service than the restaurants. Attached to the establishment of the emporium is a little box where you can order, like a portion of gyoza, and then just take it home or snack right there while you explore the place.

Himeya store

The store Himeya It is located on Rua Galvão Bueno and it is also possible to walk from the Liberdade subway. This place is for you who enjoy decoration, the environment is all decorated with their products that are for sale. As soon as you find the store, you can already see the light fixtures that give color to the establishment.

If you want to bring a bit of oriental culture into your home, the store has several porcelain objects and plates with typical oriental designs and formats. In addition, the establishment also offers options for kimonos, hats and various alternatives for those who enjoy candles and incense.

But if you don't want to take anything, it's still worth going in to see it. Many of the objects inside have a specific use that we are not aware of, so it is important to take advantage of what this cultural center has to offer.

Mr. wok

Right in front of the Himeya store, the restaurant is located Mr Wok. What sets this restaurant apart from the rest of Asian food is its view. The place is right next to the Liberdade bridge and much of its side wall is made of glass, so it provides a panoramic view of Av Alcântara Machado.

The entire food preparation process is done behind glass, so customers can follow the ingredients and all the cook's quirks. What ends up entertaining visitors is the way the cooks handle the food, the noodles swing in the pans and the heat is often too high.

oriental garden

Continuing along Rua Galvão Bueno, is the oriental garden. The first thing you can see when you arrive at the place is a lake surrounded by several rocks, trees and bamboo. The pond is actually the central part of the garden, because the circle of trees casts a shadow around the perimeter, but allows light to pass through the water area.

Following a little, the place offers a larger space to relax, where people can sit and talk quietly. In addition, there is an area that allows a partial view of Avenida Alcântara Machado, demonstrating the contrasts of nature and city.

Yamamoto Restaurant

Another place to visit in the Liberdade neighborhood is the restaurant Yamamoto. This restaurant is all worked in Asian decor, even the outside is decorated with images of Japanese ladies. The entrance is also captivating, as it brings cloths on the door, with illustrations of oriental culture.

If you really want a traditional restaurant, Yamamoto brings a part of the tables close to the floor, with cushions to sit on. The house specialty is raw fish, so be prepared to enjoy a Japanese meal.

Yunitto Lab

Another place worth visiting in the Liberdade neighborhood is the store Yunitto. Here you can discover the world of oriental style, all tailor-made for you. The store offers options such as kimonos of various sizes, Noren, Happi and characteristic uniforms.

The establishment is located on Rua Glória, very close to the central street Galvão Bueno, a maximum of five minutes' walk. Due to the proximity, it is worth stopping by to see the establishment and who knows, not fall in love with the oriental style.

Busshinji Temple  

There's nothing better to delve into oriental culture than discovering a little more about the lifestyle of this people. THE busshinji it is a Budhist temple which is open to the public, the schedule may vary throughout the week, with a few different ceremonies, but the meditations, known as “Zazen” take place on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

The temple is located on Rua São Joaquim, very close to the subway. When going down the slope it is sometimes possible to find a line of people in front of the place. This is because Busshinji holds some charity events, where they offer free food to those who collaborate with the day's ritual.

Historical Museum of Japanese Immigration in Brazil

This is the best place to visit in the Liberdade neighborhood for those who enjoy history. THE Museum of Japanese Immigration it is a few steps from São Joaquim subway, on the corner of Galvão Bueno street. Well located, the establishment contains artifacts such as notebooks, objects and paintings produced by the first Japanese immigrants in Brazil.

The museum has its permanent collection of artifacts, but from time to time it opens its doors to honor important Japanese figures in the period of immigration, as was the case of Ryo Mizuno, the man who started the Japanese immigration process to Brazil.

In addition, the place has hosted Prince and Princess Akishinomya, during the celebration of 120 years of friendship between Brazil and Japan. To discover this and much more, just stay tuned to schedule from the museum, remembering that the opening hours are from 1:30 pm to 5 pm, but on Mondays it is closed all day.

Karaoke Tequila's

There's no way to go to Liberdade and not enjoy karaoke. Contrary to what many people think, you won't necessarily need to sing, there are other ways to have fun. These establishments work more like a type of club, where you can choose your own music and, if you want, take a chance on stage.

At the Karaoke Tequila's, despite the name being of Mexican origin, most of the dishes served revolve around Asian cuisine, such as gyozas, temakis, yakissobas and more. There you can choose a table, place your food orders and enjoy the varied music.

Tequila's is located on Rua Glória and is different from other establishments in the region, as it is decorated with lights of different colors. As well as the variety of colors, the songs cater for all tastes, from a sophisticated mod to Lady Gaga queen of pop. So here's a tip: if you decide to go with a medium-large group, it's best to make a reservation and guarantee your spot.

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