Although little explored by tourists, the state brings together surprising tourist attractions such as the Parnaíba River Delta and the Serra da Capivara National Park, which concentrates the oldest archaeological sites in Brazil.

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the state of Piauí borders the states of maranhão, Tocantins, Ceará and Pernambuco and even not being part of the great catalogs of destinations national destinations, the destination has great natural beauties still little explored.

THE coast of Piauí It has only 66 km, but it is full of beautiful natural attractions: the deserted and paradisiacal beaches are part of the Route of Emotions, one of the best preserved tourist routes in Brazil, which starts in Lençóis Maranhenses – MA and ends in Jericoacoara – CE (or vice versa). To explore the region, it is recommended to stay in one of the four municipalities that support this tourist region of the Piauí: the city of Parnaíba, Ilha Grande, Luis Correia and Cajueiro da Praia.

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On the border with Maranhão is the Parnaíba Delta, an archipelago with more than 75 islands, endowed with unimaginable natural beauties and forms. Other highlights are the charming village of Big Bar, in the municipality of Cajueiro da Praia, and Luís Correia, with numerous beaches and lagoons.

The only northeastern capital that is not bathed by the sea, it is 343 km from the coast and bathed by the Poty and Parnaíba rivers. Teresina it is affectionately called the “Green City” for the large concentration of trees in its streets and park throughout the city. When in Teresina, be sure to check out some of the city's important buildings such as the Karnak Palace, the 4th of September Theater, the São Benedito Church and the Teresina House of Culture.

In the southeast of the state, the archaeological sites of Serra da Capivara National Park, considered Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO, proves that man appeared on the American continent longer than anyone thought. At the Sete Cidades National Park, you can see rock formations about 400 million years old and prehistoric paintings still preserved.

THE Piauí it also promotes large parties related to saints and patrons. During Holy Week, the cities of Floriano, Parnaíba, Pedro II, Teresina and Uruçui celebrate one of the most awaited dates of the year. At the end of June, the June festivals are celebrated with performances of Bumba-meu-Boi.

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