Meet the Acre is synonymous with exploring one of the most untouched regions of the Amazon rainforest. The city of White River It is the state capital and the main starting point for those who want to venture into this region of untouchable beauty.

Bathed by the River Acre, the city is divided into two parts: on one side the historic center and on the other the so-called new city. The climate always with high temperatures and frequent rains are intense throughout the entire year.

The typical cuisine uses duck and pirarucu as the main ingredients, fruits of the heritage left by the Indians who inhabited the region, in addition to shrimp bobó, vatapá and sun-dried meat with manioc, brought from the Brazilian Northeast right when extraction began. latex, since many people from the Northeast migrated to Acre trying to improve their quality of life. In handicraft, articles are made with materials extracted from the Amazon rainforest.

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What to do:

Rio Branco Palace

Headquarters of the state government, Palácio do Rio Branco was built in 1930 in a neoclassical style.

Jorge Viana2

Photo: Jorge Viana

rubber museum

Inaugurated on November 5, 1978 by Governor Geraldo Gurgel Mesquita, on the occasion of the Centenary of Northeastern Immigration in the state, its mission is to collect, research and disseminate material and immaterial testimonies of Acre's history and culture.

Jorge Viana

Photo: Jorge Viana

Cathedral of Our Lady of Nazareth

Inaugurated in 1959, the Cathedral of Our Lady of Nazareth has traces of the Roman-basilical style and has a mausoleum with the remains of Dom Giocondo Maria Grotti and Dom Júlio Maria Mattioli.

Our Lady of Nazareth Cathedral

Photo: Edilson Caetano

Joaquim Macedo catwalk

The walkway is 200 meters long and 5.50 meters wide. Used exclusively by pedestrians and cyclists, the bridge crosses the Acre River, linking the city center to the Second District.

David Sopchaki

Photo: David Spochaki

Maternity Park

The city's largest park offers a great structure with bike paths, bars and restaurants. It houses the Casa dos Povos da Floresta, the Biblioteca da Floresta and the Casa do Artesão.

Maternity Park

Photo: David Spochaki

Forest People's House

Built in the format of an indigenous maloca, the Casa dos Povos da Floresta space addresses themes and stories of riverside dwellers, rubber tappers and Indians.


Photo: Jorge Viana

Other tourist attractions in Rio Branco:

  • Forest Library
  • New Old Market
  • Maternity Park
  • Chico Mendes Environmental Park
  • State Public Library of Acre
  • Quixadá Historic Site
  • Placido de Castro Theater
  • Rubber Museum
  • Elias Mansour Culture Foundation
  • Zoobotanical Park
  • Revolution Square
  • Crafts and Typical Dishes Fair

How to get:

By airplane
Rio Branco Plácido de Castro International Airport receives daily flights from the main Brazilian capitals.

By car
From Manaus: 1145km on BR-319 and BR-364.
From Porto Velho: 504km via BR-364.

By bus
The city receives daily buses from several Brazilian capitals. For up-to-date information on which companies operate to Rio Branco, it is worth calling the bus station in the capital of Acre.
Roberto Silveira Bus Station – Rio Branco
Tel: (68) 3224-6984


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