visit the state of amazon, is certainly one of those trips that is in the imagination of all adventurers and nature lovers. The largest rainforest in the world has one of the richest and most preserved ecosystems on the planet. Crossed by several rivers, one of the main ways of getting around in the state is through regional boats and smaller planes.

The river amazon is the largest and widest river in the world and the main responsible for the development of Amazon rainforest. The volume of its waters represents 20% of all the water present in the planet's rivers. There are still isolated indigenous tribes in the Amazon region with almost no contact with modern civilizations. Although increasingly rare, some have never had contact with the white man.

The state capital, Manaus, is known for all its exoticism rich in diversity that concentrates the variety of the state in mass. The starting point for exploring the Amazon rainforest, the capital of Manaus also impresses with its historic buildings and exquisite cuisine based on seafood, spices and typical ingredients from the region.

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The state works with tourism in different ways, all linked to extreme contact with nature and unique experiences. Interaction with some animals such as birds of different species, porpoises and alligators, getting to know indigenous tribes and customs, Amazon cruise-style boat trips and animal observation are some of the most sought after attractions by tourists.

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President Figueiredo:

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Waterfall in Presidente Figueiredo. Photo: Bruno Zanardo

Meeting of the waters – Manaus. Photo: Gustavo Albano

Parintins Festival. Photo: Andrea Goldschmidt

Amazon rainforest. Photo: Adventure Brazil

Indians from the Dessana community. Photo: Gustavo Albano

Interaction with dolphins in Novo Airaão. Photo: Gustavo Albano

Anavilhanas National Park. Photo: Guide Viaggi

Port in Tefe. Photo: Thomas Wlassk

Amazon Theater. Photo: Thiago Marra

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