The second largest state in the country is also the most populous in the northern region and offers great tourist attractions. The state is located in the largest corridor of protected forests in the world, with more than 717 thousand km² divided into areas of integral protection, sustainable use and indigenous lands, corresponding to almost 57% of the state's territory.

At the For, as in the entire North region, there are basically only two seasons: summer and winter. In summer, the rains become scarce and in winter, abundant. There are several cities and tourist places in Pará, among them are Santarém, Ilha de Marajó, Altamira, Alter do Chão, Algodoal and Mosqueiro.

The capital of the state of Belém offers numerous tourist attractions such as the Emílio Goeldi museum and park, the Ver-o-Peso market, the Docas station, the Theatro da Paz, the Mangal das Garças park and the Belém cathedral – being a strong destination for lovers of religious tourism.

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Varied colors, textures and formats make up the rich and diverse landscape of the For. Craftsmanship is marked by pieces inspired by millenary indigenous civilizations and jewelry produced with raw materials found in nature itself, which reproduce not only the creativity of artisans, but a little of the state's culture.


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Alter do Chão. Photo: Vincent Leroux

Basilica Sanctuary of Nazareth in Bel'me. Photo: Eduíno de Mattos

Nazare's Cirio. Photo: Adriana Spaca

Typical vessel. Photo: Carlos Maurício Vasconcelo

Dock Station in Beléem. photo: Eric Leon

Green space Mangal das Garças in Belém. Photo: Gustavo Albano.

Ver-o-peso market in Belém. Photo: Marcos Dametto

Salinopolis. Photo: Carlos Barretto

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