No nature lover can fail to discover the beauties of the state of Tocantins. The newest state in Brazil is the scene of several tourist attractions that beautify the lives of those who pass through the region. If you like to enjoy nature, listen to birds singing, bathe in waterfalls and practice extreme activities, this is definitely a perfect destination for you.

In the most popular places for tourists, it is worth mentioning the jalapão, Bico do Papagaio, Ilha do Bananal, Serra do Lajeado, Serras Gerais and Vale dos Grandes Rios. In this part of Brazil the cerrado, the swampland and the amazon rainforest meet in a rare spectacle, which can be appreciated in this little piece of Brazil.

Still little explored by tourists, the state is home to many untouched and exotic destinations, Jalapão for example is a mixture of desert and savannah. Waterfalls, viewpoints, natural pools in fervedouros and dunes are part of the scenarios that reveal the change from Cerrado to Caatinga.

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Founded in 1989, Palmas is the newest capital in Brazil and has a bold architecture, with wide avenues, complete with landscaping and an urban division characterized by large commercial and residential blocks. To cool off, the city offers freshwater beaches around the plant's lake, surrounded by kiosks and tents, and is a great place to practice water sports.

Another highlight of Tocantins is Ilha do Bananal, the largest river island in the world with about twenty thousand square kilometers in length. Bananal Island is right in the middle of the Araguaia river basin, it is part of the Amazon and is classified by UNESCO as a Biosphere reserve.


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Araras Waterfall in Taquaraçu. Photo: Tom Alves

Formiga waterfall in Jalapão. Photo: Tom Alves

Jalapão Dunes. Photo: Daniela Pivari

Boiler in Jalapão. Photo: Stephanie Lamenza

Palacio Araguaia Palmas. Photo: Julia Nogueira

Cesamar Park in Palmas, the state capital. Photo: Laura Pedrini

Sunflowers Square in palms. Photo: Julia Nogueira

Prata Beach – Palmas. Photo: Flavio Chan

View of Pedra Furada in Jalapão. Photo: Tom Alves

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