Gateway to Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park, village of São Jorge attracts mystics and curious people to the center of Brazil

THE village of São Jorge is part of the municipality of Alto Paraíso in Goiás and is just over 30 km from the city. The small village with a mining culture has a rural climate and still preserves its streets on the sand and without public lighting. Its wooded spaces and the air of peace and love make the small village a true natural stronghold, amidst the magnificent Veadeiros Plateau.

Known for its zen atmosphere, the village became a famous spot among the hippies of the 70s who passed through the region due to the number of waterfalls that form throughout the territory. Today the village of São Jorge offers a complete structure for tourists with great inns, restaurants and, depending on the season, a very busy nightlife.

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The place is also the gateway to the National Park of Veadeiros Plateau, an area with several attractions that feature in the catalogs of agencies that offer tours to the region, such as the Saltos do Rio Preto waterfalls, two gigantic waterfalls measuring 80 and 120 meters that fall in sequence into a wonderful canyon.

The National Park is one of the largest reserves in the country and is home to the largest portion of continuous savanna in the world. The region is known as Cradle of Waters, for the crystalline waters that spring from the top of its immense walls forming numerous waterfalls and make up the main basins of the South American continent.

The day in the village is very calm and peaceful, most tourists are refreshing themselves in the attractions very close to São Jorge. At night, visitors enjoy the restaurants with a variety of options for soups, salads, meat, poultry, seafood, pasta, pizza and desserts. Then the way is to enjoy the calm of the small district and have a cold beer.

Things to do in Sao Jorge

Photo: Augusto Miranda / MTur

Rio Preto jumps

The trail is 9 km round trip and is signaled by yellow arrows in almost every area of rough and stony terrain. The tour passes through an area that houses an old crystal mine and rocky fields between Serra de Santana and Serra do Abismo until the first waterfall with 80 meters high and falls into a huge lake.

The other jump with 120 meters does not have a bathing area like the previous one, but it has a wonderful viewpoint with a privileged view of the region.

Canyons and Carioquinhas

Also within the Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park, the trail passes through a rocky part of the cerrado and has 9km in total, the first stop is made at Cachoeira da Carioquinhas with 20 meters high.

Then the trail leads to the canyons where you have to walk through a narrow passage to a gigantic well with dark, but clean and transparent waters.

Maytrea's Garden

A small piece of the chapada highly prized by the mystics who frequent this region of Brazil, the Jardim de Maytrea reveals a huge field of flowers and buritizais framed by mountains.

Crossing the Seven Falls

The walk is offered at the entrance of Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park and is the only one with a formalized overnight stay in the state.

Sertão Zen

One of the most beautiful landscapes of Chapada dos Veadeiros can only be seen on a walk through fields of flowers to the source of the Macacão River, at the top of a waterfall about 200m high.


The attraction is just 2 km from São Jorge and has a good bathing option for all ages. In addition to a small waterfall, it is possible to visit Salto do Raizama, the point where the stream meets the São Miguel River.

For the more adventurous, a small trail leads to a peculiar place where it is possible to enjoy a beautiful view of the Canyon of Rio São Miguel.

Valley of the Moon

Vale da Lua is one of the most exotic places on the whole plateau, where the São Miguel River runs through huge granite stones carved by water for more than 600 million years, transforming the region's stones into picturesque shapes like lunar craters.

Other attractions in São Jorge:

  • Whale Hill
  • Ballerina Waterfall
  • Abyss Waterfall
  • Window Lookout
  • abode of the sun
  • Meeting of the Waters
  • Cordovil
  • Secret Waterfall
  • Thermal waters

How to get to Sao Jorge

Photo: Augusto Miranda / MTur

By airplane

The nearest airport is Juscelino Kubitschek in Brasilia.

By bus

Real Express
Brasília – Alto Paraíso daily – 10 am / 9 pm
Alto Paraíso – Brasilia daily 1:15 pm / 1:30 am

san antonio
Brasília – São Jorge, only direct line: daily at 11 am
Brasilia – Alto Paraiso daily – 7am / 11am / 3pm
São Jorge – Brasília, only direct line: daily between 9:30 am and 10 am
Alto Paraíso – Brasília, daily – 7:10 am / 10 am / 3 pm

Sao Jose
Goiania – Alto Paraiso daily at 8pm / Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday at 12pm
Alto Paraíso – Brasília daily at 11 pm / Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 2 pm

By car

Arriving in Alto Paraíso, there is a sign indicating the entrance to São Jorge (about 1 km before the city). Then there are another 35 km, the last 14 on a dirt road.

Best time to visit Chapada dos Veadeiros

Photo: Augusto Miranda / MTur

THE Veadeiros Plateau receives tourists throughout the year. The average annual temperature is 24 to 26ºC. The best time to practice adventures is the dry season, when the temperature is lower, it rains little and the rocks are not hot or slippery, preventing accidents and burns.

The best time to visit is from April to October, and in the months of July and August the waters are more crystalline due to the period of greater drought in the cerrado.

In July, the village takes on even more life at the Chapada dos Veadeiros Meeting of Traditional Cultures festival. During the event, the village receives groups of people who live in the region, indigenous people, quilombola remnants, small producers, artisans, healers, healers, midwives and drummers and present numerous cultural manifestations linked to art, beliefs and traditions.

Where to stay in Sao Jorge

Find accommodation in São Jorge here.

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