Much sought after by travelers who want to quench their holiday thirst with beautiful beaches and paradisiacal locations, the state of alagoas It has a coast with shades of blue surrounded by immense coconut trees. Further north, the state is home to one of the most beautiful areas in the country known as “Coral Coast“. Inviting all budgets, you will find a wide variety of charming hotels, rustic inns and seaside resorts, which have found plenty of reasons to settle on the Alagoas coast.

For 135 km, an immense barrier reef runs along the coast of Alagoas, starting in the municipality of Paripueira to Tamandaré in the south of Pernambuco. The phenomenon is even more beautiful during low tides, when the huge area appears exposing an immense natural pool of clear water full of marine life.

the beauty of Coral Coast pleases even the most demanding, there are numerous beaches with paradisiacal scenery, just choose yours and relax for hours. The scenery is even more attractive with the beautiful fishing villages and small roads through the coconut groves. The cuisine accompanied by seafood, along with the excellent infrastructure quality of the charming hotels in the region, are also strong points for an even more complete trip. Be sure to try the Alagoas lobster and the different combinations made with squid and shrimp.

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on a tour of Coral Coast, you can visit the following cities that are part of the route:


Just 36 km from Maceió, the city of Paripueira originated from a colony of fishermen and is the entrance to the Costa dos Corais, its name means “calm waters”.


Photo: Convention Costa dos Corais

St. Anthony's Bar

The municipality received its name because it is on the banks of the Santo Antônio River, when you are in the region, be sure to visit Praia de Carro Quebrado, one of the most beautiful in the state.

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Photo: Convention Costa dos Corais

Camaragibe Pass

Cradle of Aurélio Buarque de Holanda, lexicologist, author of the best-known dictionary of the Portuguese language, Passo de Camaragibe, with its rivers and mangroves, has a peaceful coastline, with deserted beaches.


Photo: Convention Costa dos Corais

San Miguel dos Milagres

Comprising several villages, the municipality of São Miguel dos Milagres has become famous among Brazilian tourists, among the tourist attractions in the region, Praia do Toque is the one that stands out the most.


Photo: Convention Costa dos Corais

Port of Stones

128 km away from Maceió, the friendly town has beaches, rivers, historic houses and an immense lighthouse where you can admire all the beauty of the area. Be sure to visit Praia do Patacho, the most beautiful in the city.


Photo: Convention Costa dos Corais

Porto Calvo

The municipality of Porto Calvo has great historical and cultural significance. It was one of the first places to be inhabited by Portuguese settlers.


Photo: Convention Costa dos Corais


The exotic beauty of the coconut farms and villages along the coast of Japaratinga is impressive. The beaches of Barreira do Boqueirão and Bitigu are among the favorites of travelers and residents.


Photo: Convention Costa dos Corais


The most famous of the cities on the Costa dos Corais is also affectionately called the Brazilian Caribbean, the reason being the clear waters of the beaches of Maragogi, Barra Grande and Antunes.


Photo: Convention Costa dos Corais

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