The capital of Paraíba has great urban beaches, a charming historic center, hospitable people and quick access to other wonderful destinations in the state.

Photo: Secretary of Tourism of Paraiba

The third oldest city in Brazil was founded in 1585 and still maintains many well-preserved baroque buildings in its center. Quiet beaches, greenish sea and an excellent infrastructure with fair prices (compared to other capitals in the northeast) are positive factors that make João Pessoa one of the nicest cities in the northeast and full of tourist attractions.

Waking up early is essential to enjoy João Pessoa. The movement in the city starts early, at 5 am it is already possible to see a few dozen people exercising on the edge of the city. This is because João Pessoa is located in the far east of South America, being the first city in the country to receive the sun rays during the mornings.

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As it is not among the most popular with tourists in the northeast, the capital of Paraíba carries a calmer routine than the neighboring capitals. Those who prefer to find empty beaches, where tranquility prevails without giving up the paradisiacal look, chose the right place to spend their holidays.

The peaceful coast of João Pessoa makes us forget that we are in a capital by the sea. Along the coast, the structure of organized kiosks, areas with showers, clean sands and a well-planned boardwalk captivates visitors and makes us understand why the capital of Paraíba was chosen as one of the best cities in the world to live in during retirement.

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Things to do in Joao Pessoa

Photo: Cacio Murilo / MTur


The busiest beach in the city has an excellent structure of restaurants and hotels. The busy boardwalk is always busy and is a point for early morning and late afternoon walks. It is from Tambaú that the boats depart for Picãozinho, the natural pools of crystalline waters where you can dive and see small fish.

Next to Tambaú is Cabo Branco beach, a favorite of the residents of João Pessoa. Framed by cliffs, the beach is very extensive with calm waves and warm water. The place offers several kiosks in the area close to Tambaú, while the stretch that goes towards Cabo de Santo Agostinho is quieter and empty.

Distant 12 km from the city center, the beach is in the neighborhood of the same name. At approximately 750m from the sand, a bank with four kilometers of coral is formed, which separates the shallows from the high seas. There, bathers dive and enjoy the calm sea, practicing sports, such as stand up paddle and kayak.

Historic center

João Pessoa It is one of the oldest capitals in Brazil and has several incredible buildings such as the Santa Roza Theater, the Palácio da Redenção and the former Hotel Globo.

San Francisco Cultural Center

Comprising the Convento de Santo Antônio and the Igreja de São Francisco, the Centro Cultural São Francisco brings together the most important collection of baroque art in Paraíba. The site offers 40-minute guided tours through various areas of the complex.

Cabo Branco Station

Designed by Oscar Niemeyer, the attraction unites science, culture and art in a complex of more than eight thousand square meters. The site also houses a viewpoint with a privileged view of the coast.

alligator beach

The most famous spot to watch the sunset in João Pessoa is the Jacaré river beach. Every day during the event, the saxophonist “Jurady do Sax” travels along the Paraíba River in a boat playing Bolero.

Paraiba Craft Market

The best place to buy handicrafts and souvenirs. On weekends, the space also has local food stalls and maracatu performances.

Picãozinho natural pools

To reach the natural pools of Picãozinho it is necessary to take a catamaran from the beach of Tambaú. The tour is only done at low tides when corals appear on the surface forming natural pools of water so clear that you can see colorful fish and other marine animals.

Arruda Câmara Park

Also known as Bica, Arruda Câmara Park is a great option for walks with children. The park has an area of 27 hectares with about 500 animals of 80 species, including lions, alligators and elephants.

Botanical Garden Benjamin Maranhão

Jardim Botânico Benjamin Maranhão is one of the largest remnants of Atlantic Forest located in urban areas in Brazil. The site has an area of 515 hectares and has three trails where tourists can see animal and plant species typical of the Atlantic Forest.

Other tourist attractions in João Pessoa

  • Cabo Branco Lighthouse
  • monastery of St. benedict
  • Popular Artist's House
  • Planetarium of the Cultural Space Foundation of Paraíba
  • Paraiba Academy of Letters
  • port of Cabedelo
  • Convent of Santo Antonio Religious Art Museum
  • Poeta Ronaldo Cunha Lima Convention Center
  • forest of dreams
  • Gunpowder House
  • Cathedral Basilica of Our Lady of the Snows

How to get to Joao Pessoa

Photo: Secretary of Tourism of Paraiba

By airplane

João Pessoa-Bayeux International Airport receives daily flights from the main airports in the country.

By car

From the South, Southeast, Bahia, Sergipe, Alagoas and Pernambuco: access via BR-101.
From Fortaleza: BR-116, BR-304, BR-406 and BR-101.

By bus

The city receives daily buses from several Brazilian capitals. For up-to-date information on which companies operate to João Pessoa, it is worth calling the bus station in the capital of Paraíba.
João Pessoa bus station
Tel: (83) 3221-9611

Best time to visit Joao Pessoa

Photo: Cacio Murilo / MTur

Like most cities near the northeastern coast, João Pessoa has warm weather throughout the year and is a great option for a beach destination during any season of the year. The capital of Paraíba has some peculiar characteristics that need special attention to make your vacation even better.

The rainy season takes place between March and August. Despite winter being titled as the rainy season in João Pessoa, the probability of you getting sunny days and clear skies is as great as having cloudy and rainy days.

After the months of rain, the coastline receives a cloudy color due to heavy rains. If you want to know the beaches of the state with crystal clear waters like the commercialized photos of the destination, go between the months of December and March.

The typical festivities of the state are usually celebrated in style. The month of June is celebrated São João and the city usually receives many visitors.

Where to stay in João Pessoa

Photo: Cacio Murilo / MTur

João Pessoa is a small capital and all its neighborhoods are connected within a few kilometers. Tambaú is the area that concentrates more tourists because it offers a lot of options for restaurants, shops and accommodation. The neighborhood also has an organized boardwalk, which guarantees constant movement at any time of the day.

THE Laguna Praia Hotel it's the Tambau Hotel are in front of Praia de Tambaú and have apartments with a frontal view of the sea. Other interesting neighborhoods to stay are Cabo Branco, the center of Tambaú and Manaíra.

Find accommodation in João Pessoa

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