Caves, waterfalls, lakes, extreme activities and animal watching are the main attractions of the city

Also known as the “land of the amazon waterfalls", the city of President Figueiredo has approximately 150 waterfalls, seven rapids, nine caves and several ecological trails just 107 km from the city of manaus. The city receives many tourists interested in adventure tourism and ecotourism who choose the capital of amazon as a starting point to explore the beauties of the largest rainforest in the world.

There is the possibility of getting to know some waterfalls that are easily accessible by taking a taxi or your own vehicle, but the vast majority of attractions are located on the outskirts of the city, so it is necessary to hire a guide or tourism agency.

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The small town has a basic structure for tourists, with a good supply of small hotels, inns and restaurants, which, despite being simple, are super organized and comfortable. It is also possible to visit the CAT (Tourist Assistance Center), located just after the entrance to the city, a place with information and images of the natural attractions of President Figueiredo.

Things to do in Presidente Figueiredo

Photo: Anfremon D'Amazonas

Sanctuary Waterfall

Perhaps the most famous attraction of Presidente Figueiredo, the Cachoeira do Santuário is the attraction with the best tourist infrastructure. Located at Km 12 of the AM-240, it is part of the ecological reserve of the same name and in addition to the waterfall, the space also has chalets, swimming pools and a restaurant.

Iracema Waterfall

The Iracema Waterfall Complex also reveals several interesting rock formations, such as the Palácio do Galo da Serra. To get to the waterfall, it is necessary to take a trail through the forest with easy access.

Pedra Furada Waterfall

The Pedra Furada Waterfall is a small waterfall where the river water flows from above, through a stone with three large holes, forming a beautiful and inviting natural pool of calm waters.

blue Lagoon

As the name implies, Lagoa Azul has a very different color from the other attractions in Presidente Figueiredo thanks to the white clay at the bottom of the lagoon that filters the darker water, leaving only the crystalline well.

Judea grotto

The Grotto is one of the most fascinating places in Presidente Figueiredo. Located within an environmental protection area, the waterfall can only be visited with the presence of a tourist guide. The place impresses with its gigantic entrance carved by rocks bathed by a waterfall.

kayak tour

Dedicated to families and groups of different ages, the kayak tours make it possible to get to know the immensity of the forest in a different way. An excellent way to observe more about the local fauna and flora, crossing totally preserved streams in one of the most exotic regions of the country. On this tour offered by the agency Amazon Mystery Tours there is also the possibility of sleeping in the natives' house with overnight in the forest.

Other tourist attractions in Presidente Figueiredo:

  • Asframa Waterfall
  • Urubuí rapids
  • Jaguar Waterfall
  • Fog Waterfall
  • Salto do Ipy waterfall
  • Christmas waterfall
  • Berro D'Água Waterfall
  • Lajes waterfall
  • Araras Waterfall
  • Sucuriju Waterfall
  • White Moon Stone Waterfall
  • Rainbow Waterfall

How to get to Presidente Figueiredo

Photo: Embratur

By airplane

The nearest airport is Manaus — Eduardo Gomes International Airport.

By bus

The company Aruanã Transportes makes the journey several times a day from Manaus Bus Station.

By car

The way to reach Presidente Figueiredo takes about an hour and a half and is done from Manaus through the BR-174, the same road that connects the capital of Amazonas with Boa Vista in Roraima.

Best time to visit Presidente Figueiredo

Photo: Juliane Schultz

Throughout the year, the Amazon landscape changes considerably, mainly due to the influence of rivers and water levels, basically varying between two fixed seasons – extreme summer and extreme winter. The rainy season runs from December to May, at this time the waterfalls are beautiful and the volume of water is greater. Between the months of June and November is the dry season, and consequently the waterfalls have the lowest flow.

Where to stay at Presidente Figueiredo

Photo: Embratur

Small and rustic, the center of Presidente Figueiredo concentrates most of the inns available in the destination. THE Hostel location It is the best option for solo travelers, groups of friends and those looking to save a little on accommodation.

Another very popular option among tourists is the Hotel Iracema, located 10 km from the center of Presidente Figueiredo

Find accommodation in Presidente Figueiredo here.

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