Located in the green immensity of the Amazon Rainforest, the state of Acre it is part of the extreme Brazilian territory, demarcating borders with the countries Peru and Bolivia. One of the most fascinating tourist attractions in Acre are the various indigenous nations installed in the region.

The tours aimed at ecotourism and contemplation of nature are made in explorations through the Amazon Jungle, allowing unique experiences, such as seeing centenary trees, which can be up to 500 years old and the animals that live in the region such as alligators, macaws, toucans, boa constrictors, tapirs, monkeys, jaguars among many others that fascinate the more than 200 thousand tourists that pass through Acre every year, along with the jungle legends created by the inhabitants.

Its capital Rio Branco deserves an exclusive tour. With its historic architecture and restored public buildings, the city has beautiful squares and important buildings such as the Rio Branco Palace, which used to house the former government headquarters. Its beautiful squares also draw attention for their architectural lines and harmony with the city's climate.

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A practically unexplored region, the Vale do Juruá and the Serra do Divisor National Park are considered regions with the greatest biodiversity in the world. The place is also home to several millenary indigenous tribes, some of which receive tourists who seek direct contact with the culture and customs of these peoples.


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White River:

» Places to visit in Rio Branco

Tree Cup Festival Kuntanawa people of the Tagus River. Photo: Diego Lourenco

Amazon rainforest. Photo: Viviane Vilela

Kaxinawá Indian. Photo: Guto de Lima

Old Market of Rio Branco. Photo: Eduardo Fonseca

Rio Branco Palace. Photo: Alaine Hamano

River Braco. Photo: Spanky Racketeers

Tacacá, typical dish of the northern region. Photo: Fernando Sette Câmara

Yawanawa tribe. Photo: Sergio Vale

Xapuri. Photo: Flavio Eiro

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