An almost secret village in Lençóis Maranhenses could be your next destination, get to know Atins and fall in love with the beaches, dunes and rustic atmosphere of the village

The bucolic town of Atins continues to maintain all the roots and traditions of the people who live around the tropical desert of the Maranhão sheets. The village combines the rustic appearance with the zen atmosphere of the place, with streets of soft sand and simple houses built in the “pau a pique” style in the midst of undergrowth complemented with coconut trees and buritis. There is no public lighting in Atins, the region is slowly developing with tourism and has only a few restaurants and inns that support tourists who want to know this side of the national park.

The village is becoming popular with foreign tourists, especially Italians, who are already investing and buying land in every neighborhood in the village. practitioners of kitesurfing, windsurf and backpackers are also falling in love with the cool and quiet atmosphere of a destination not very busy with tourists, making the place even more paradisiacal. Some venture to say that Atins it's the new Jericoacoara.

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Even the access to the city delights visitors. To reach the village with just over 2 thousand inhabitants, it is necessary to take the friendly and powerful fast boats known as voadeiras in the port of Barreirinhas. Take the name of the boats very seriously, the speedboats cut the waters of the Rio Preguiças like a bullet at approximately 60 km per hour. On the way, mangroves, dunes and small villages sprout on the horizon throughout the route, filling the eyes of tourists who are impressed by the very diverse fauna and flora of the entire territory.

At 6:00 am it is already possible to hear the first roosters crowing, at this time the sun is already warming this part of the Maranhão coast and the light seems to try to invade the interior of all accommodations. Atins it is a daytime city, waking up early and enjoying the natural attractions throughout the day ends up becoming routine even for people who love to extend a night's sleep to the fullest. In the morning, the ideal is to enjoy the lakes closest to the center, highlighting the Capybara Lagoon, the largest in the region and so beautiful that it is not behind any promotional photography of the destination. When stepping inside the park, the only sound you will hear are the blowing of strong winds, going up and down the dune becomes a game, but looking at the huge lagoons formed by rainwater always impresses with its size and beauty.

Few tourist places provide experiences and experiences that become unforgettable, from the moment you enter Atins the clock seems to stop in time, the fine sands present throughout the village invite you to walk barefoot, enjoying the natural beauties formed by dunes, mangroves, lagoons and beaches. The only concern of those who enjoy the region is to make the most of this little piece of paradise.

The movement on the streets is almost non-existent, there are few residents who are exposed to the strong sun, and the movement of vehicles is very low. The highlight of staying in Atins it's the short Distance to Lençóis Maranhenses, which can be done in 4×4 vehicles and even on foot to Canto de Atins, inside the city that is located on the banks of the first dunes of the park. 

The landscapes on this side of the park are surreal, the lack of intense tourist movement has preserved many lagoons with great depths and perfect visibility. The white sand dunes are even more exuberant with the shadows formed by the clouds that pass quickly through the whole set, the only noise you will hear is the sound of the strong winds that pass in this region - to the delight of practitioners of windsurf and kitesurfing, this isolation of the urban center together with the magnificence of a completely exotic and untouched scenery, gives the feeling of being insignificant in the face of so much beauty.

The nightlife is very quiet, the most you can do is have dinner in a restaurant and have a cold beer to soften the constant heat in the bars with countryside aspects scattered among the semi-deserted streets. This is even an essential program to understand the nocturnal and very calm movement of Atins.

Things to do in Atins

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Atins beach

The calm and warm waters of the Atins beach are cut by a huge sandbar that follows the coastline forming a small beach in the sea. The crossing can be done in the typical boats of the fishing families that live in the municipality and make the journey.

Cabure beach

The gigantic and idyllic sandbar that divides the water of the Atlantic Ocean and the Rio Laziness is not inhabited, but it has some restaurant options where tourists can spend the afternoon and still stretch out in the hammocks offered in most establishments.

Lucia's Shrimp

When in the region, the tip is to taste the famous shrimp from Luzia's restaurant, a dish that has a recipe passed down from generation to generation of the family and is very successful among Brazilian and foreign tourists who stay in Atins.

Corner of Atins

Located on the border between the park's dunes and the coast of Maranhão, this small village is a few kilometers from Atins and has an even more rustic structure. Those who reach the small interior can access Lagoa da Capivara walking, watch the sunset and one of the most fascinating places in Atins and cool off on the desert coast in this part of Atins.

village of Mandacaru

The friendly fishermen has a 54-meter high lighthouse that allows a beautiful view of the dunes, mangroves, palm trees and cashew trees scattered throughout the region. The Lighthouse was built in 1940 and offers a panoramic view of the Preguiças River and an area of Lençóis Maranhenses.

Flight of the Red Guarás

The tour takes place in the late afternoon and goes by boat towards the islands scattered in the middle of the Preguiças River to observe the return of hundreds of red guarás to their natural habitat. A spectacle aside that yields great photos.

Tropical Lagoon

The privileged location of Atins allows you to reach several lakes in a short time. One of the great highlights is the Tropical Lagoon, a huge natural pool with green water and immeasurable beauty.

How to get to Atins

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Atins is the most isolated town in Lençóis Maranhenses. Access is via Barreirinhas in speedboats or 4×4.

By car

The trip lasts 2 hours and must be arranged in advance with accredited guides, who offer the service near Beira Rio de Barreirinhas.

by speedboat

You can hire a private speedboat that will transfer you from the port of Barreirinhas. A more economical option is to join a tour along the Preguiças River and ask to stay in the village at the end of the tour.

Best time to visit Atins

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The eastern coast of maranhão It has two characteristic seasons throughout the year. The rainy season, from February to May, and the dry season, from June to January. After the rainy season the Lencois Maranhenses National Park presents its most beautiful scenery, because the interdune lagoons are full.

As the dry season progresses, the lakes dry up little by little, arriving in November with a very low level. But it's good to make it clear, this all depends on the year's rainfall, so it's always good to seek information from the National Park administration or the local receptionist.

THE best time to visit Lençóis Maranhenses National Park runs from May to September, but the unit is open to visitors throughout the year.

Where to stay in Atins

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Atins is relatively small and location will not be a big issue in the village. Many foreigners are investing in super charming and comfortable developments that interact with the rustic landscape. THE Pousada Jurara It is located on the main street of Atins and offers a great structure, with air conditioning, hot shower and well decorated spaces.

Other options highly recommended by tourists visiting Atins is the Eco Pousada Filhos do Vento and the Pousada Cajueiro Atins.

Find accommodation in Atins here.

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