Capital of the European Union, the Belgian city mixes the rigidity of Parliament with the beauty of open-air monuments

Brussels is capital of Belgium and is not usually on the main tourist route when it comes to a trip through the Europe. But don't be fooled by the first impression of the seriousness of the seat of the European Parliament, as the city has much more to offer.

The streets are beautiful and lead to beautiful squares, such as the Grand-Place with its 18th century buildings and the Praça Real with its historic buildings, and parks such as the brussels park, Leopold and the Fiftieth Anniversary, where the royal palace.

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The city is also a cultural center and has a sculpture as its main postcard. THE atomium it was built in 1958 as a temporary work, but is still located in the capital of Belgium. The giant iron molecule is actually a series of exhibition halls, connected by escalators. In addition, Brussels has many museums, such as the Cinquantenaire Museum, the National Museum of Fine Art, Musical Instruments and the Royal Institute of Natural Sciences.

while strolling through the city sights, be sure to try the Belgian chocolate, considered one of the best in the world, and the different types of beer produced in the region.

What to do in Brussels

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european quarter

This region has green areas such as the Park of Brussels, Leopold and the Cinquantenaire, as well as the European Parliament, which is made up of different buildings. The complex has an exhibition open to the public with the history of the formation of the bloc as well as its nations, highlighting the cultural diversity and the dynamics of the treaty that manages relations between member countries.


The city's postcard is a building that looks like architecture that refers to a molecular structure. Here each sphere is a room with an exhibition and the connections between them are made by escalators. Originally built in 1958 as a temporary work, it ended up staying and today is one of the main postcards of the capital of Belgium.

royal palace

This building is the seat of Belgium's monarchy even though it was last inhabited by royalty centuries ago. Construction began in the early 19th century and it was not the home of the royal family for a long time. Today the site houses government ministries and offices and is open for visitors from July 21 to September.

Center Belge by Bande Dessinée

This is a space dedicated to comics. Belgium is a prominent country in the production of this style and is responsible for creations such as the journalist Tintin and the little Smurfs.

Cinquantenaire Park

It is one of the main parks in the city and, in addition to extensive gardens, it has the Cinquantenaire Museum, one of the best museums in the world, the Military History Museum, the Arc de Triomphe and the Cinquantenary Palace, built in 1855 to commemorate the 50 years of the country's independence.

Basilica of the Sacred Heart

At 89 meters high and 167 meters long, this is the largest church in Belgium and the 5th largest in the world. The construction began in 1905 to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the country's independence, but, due to the wars of the 20th century, the completion only took place in 1971. The large green dome draws attention from the outside and inside, however, the Basilica also has become the viewpoint that offers the best view of the city.

Other places to visit in Brussels:

  • Grand Place
  • Menneken Pis
  • Mini-Europe Park
  • brussels park
  • Leopold Park
  • National Museum of Fine Arts
  • Royal Square, with historic buildings
  • Cathedral of Saint Michael and Saint Gudula
  • Palace of justice
  • Notre Dame du Seblon
  • Coudenberg Palace
  • Magritte Museum
  • Museum of Musical Instruments
  • City Museum
  • Royal Institute of Natural Sciences
  • Belvue Museum
  • Charlier Museum

How to get to Brussels

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By airplane

There are no direct flights from Brazil to Brussels, so the traveler must make a stopover in other European cities, which varies according to the origin of the company. For example, Lufthansa will take you first to Frankfurt, Alitalia to Rome and KLM to Amsterdam.

Low-cost airlines are an excellent option for those who are already in European territory, with direct flights departing from various locations.

The city has two airports, but prefer Brussels Airport because trains and buses leave from here to the center. Charleroi Airport is further away, about 1 hour away, and transport options are scarcer.

By train

The main options leave from countries like England, Holland and France with companies like Eurostar and NS.

The city has 3 stations: Bruxelles Midi, located on Av. Clemenceau, further south of the city and receives trains from Paris, Amsterdam, Frankfurt and London. Bruxells Central is located on the Boulevard de I'mpéatrice, right in the center of the city and receives trains from Switzerland.

The last but not least is Brussels Nord, which, as its name suggests, is located at a point further north of Brussels. The station receives trains from several cities in Germany.

Best time to visit Brussels

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In winter temperatures vary between 1ºC and 3ºC and hardly exceed 10ºC. In summer, the average maximum temperatures vary between 19ºC and 23ºC and the minimums oscillate between 12ºC and 14ºC.

The best time to visit the destination is between the months of April and September, when temperatures are milder. As rain is present throughout the year, it is advisable to carry an umbrella and a waterproof jacket in your luggage. If you plan to visit Brussels between the months of July and August (European holidays) make your hotel reservations in advance.

Where to stay in Brussels

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Find accommodation in Brussels here.

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