With a mystical atmosphere, the small town of Alto Paraíso serves as a base for tourists who want to explore the beauties of Chapada dos Veadeiros, in Goiás.


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The city of Alto Paraíso in Goiás it is the main point of support for tourists visiting the Chapada dos Veadeiros region. The reason is the infrastructure of the municipality, which offers several options of hotels, inns, hostels and restaurants compared to other cities that are close to the national park.

Mysticism is always present in the city that was discovered when a satellite flew over the region and identified a great glow coming from the immense territory, concluding that the reflection was due to a gigantic quartz plate, a crystal existing in the subsoil of that area. Alto Paraíso was built on quartz crystal mines that formed over the course of 1.8 billion years - considered one of the oldest formations on the planet, one of the main reasons why the city is home to several artists, esoteric, mystics and people who want a new way of life. more peaceful life. Many residents say that there are even princesses daughters of Arab sheikhs living in the municipality.

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The waterfalls are the main attractions of the Veadeiros Plateau. The huge extension that covers an area of 21,475.60 km² has hundreds of cataloged waterfalls and many other virgin ones, often untouched or within private properties. There are waterfalls for all tastes: gigantic waterfalls, others smaller and calmer, crystalline waters with easy access paths and others that require a more rigid physical effort, in addition to several wells, viewpoints, valleys, mountains, farms and trails. ecological.

The climate of the chapada is unique, an ideal destination for travelers looking to be in tune with nature and enjoy wonderful tours aimed at ecotourism. THE best time for visitation is from April to October, and in the months of July and August the waters are more crystalline due to the period of greater drought in the cerrado.

Things to do in Alto Paraíso:


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– Angels and Archangels Waterfall

There are two waterfalls in sequence, but they were given different names with similar falls. Located in Povoado do Moinho, 12 km from Alto Paraíso, the two beautiful waterfalls of Rio Pretinho, carved by the river in the middle of a mountain, offer great wells for bathing.

– Loquinhas

One of the most visited attractions in Alto Paraíso is the Loquinhas circuit, a complex with several wells and waterfalls with crystal clear waters.

– Almécegas I

Waterfall 45 meters high with a huge wall much sought after by fans of rappelling. The attraction can be seen from different angles, at the top a viewpoint in front of the fall allows us to contemplate all the unique beauty of Almecegas. Below, a huge well with green waters is ideal for bathing.

– Crystal Waterfall

5 km from Alto Paraíso on the GO 118 paved road towards Teresina de Goiás, and another 1 km of dirt road the Cristais River with several waterfalls and natural pools.

– Leather Waterfall

The Couros Waterfalls have a drop of 100 meters and are named after the waters of the Couros River. The river makes an incredible sequence of rapids, waterfalls and wells.

– Village of Sao Jorge

Gateway to visit Chapada dos Veadeiros National Park the small village 35km from Alto Paraíso has dirt roads and more rustic inns that do not give up comfort. São Jorge has few inhabitants, the majority being natives and hippies who found the village to be an ideal place to live in tranquility, surrounded by natural beauties.

Other attractions to visit in Alto Paraíso de Goiás:

  • Macaco River Valley Waterfall
  • Cold Water Waterfall
  • São Bento Waterfall
  • Maytrea's Garden
  • Mill village
  • Whale Hill
  • Viewpoint of Pouso Alto

How to get to Alto Paraíso:


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By airplane
The nearest airport is Juscelino Kubchek in Brasilia.

By car
Access via BR-010 and BR-020 from Brasília (approximately 242km)

By bus
The region receives daily buses from Brasília and Goiânia. For up-to-date information on which companies operate to Chapada dos Veadeiros, it is worth calling the Alto Paraíso bus station.
Tel: (62) 3446-1359

Best time to visit Chapada dos Veadeiros:

Almecegas I

Photo: Bruno Moreno

Chapada dos Veadeiros receives tourists throughout the year. The average annual temperature is 24 to 26ºC. The best time to practice adventures is the dry season, when the temperature is lower, it rains little and the rocks are not hot or slippery, preventing accidents and burns.

The best time to visit is from April to October, and in the months of July and August the waters are more crystalline due to the period of greater drought in the cerrado.

Where to stay in Alto Paraíso:

Find accommodation in Alto Paraíso here.

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