The capital of Amazonas is the main financial center of the northern region of Brazil, Manaus is a large metropolis and is located at the confluence of the Negros and Solimões rivers. The destination also stands out for being the ideal place for lovers of ecotourism, nature and root culture, being one of the main gateways to discover the largest biome on the continent, the impressive Amazon Forest. Near the Teatro Amazonas, numerous agencies offer services taking the traveler to know more about the forest. We recommend the Amazon Gero agency, which is located at 10 de Julho Street, 695A, they are well known there and have a rustic hotel in the jungle, which made the experience even more pleasant.

The city also surprises its visitors with the large urban center, its cultural and gastronomic options and its beautiful parks where nature simply prevails, such as the Bosque da Ciência, where it is possible to have contact with various animals in the heart of the city, the Adolpho Ducke Forest Reserve . Boat trips along the Amazon and Negro Rivers are also great options for tours, in addition to the jungle hotels and walking through the city center, a true trip to the past: don't leave without visiting the Rio Negro Palace, the Provincial Palace and the incredible Amazonas Theater , postcard of the region. Take the opportunity to taste the delights of Amazonian cuisine, such as tacacá and different types of fish.

The Ponta Negra neighborhood is another tourist option that cannot be missed on a trip to Manaus, the most modern neighborhood in the city is surrounded by buildings, squares for practicing various sports, lively bars, the famous river beaches and a great boardwalk to enjoy the most beautiful sunset in Brazil.

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What to do:

Amazonas Theater

Elected the third most important tourist spot in Brazil, Teatro Amazonas is a mandatory stop in Manaus. From Monday to Saturday it is possible to make guided tours, during the tour visitors go through the entire interior of the building, getting to know the concert hall, the main hall and two areas called the gentlemen's room and the ladies' room, which currently hosts some thematic shows such as costume exhibition.

Fabricio Lobato

Meeting of the Waters

One of the main attractions of the state is also one of the most impressive natural spectacles in the world. The meeting of the waters occurs at the point where the courses of the Rio Negro and Solimões join to form the Rio Amazonas.

Rinaldo Santos de Almeida

Ponta Negra beach

Located in the prime region of Manaus, Praia da Ponta Negra is framed by buildings, bars and restaurants. Take advantage of the super organized waterfront to walk and enjoy the beauties of the city.

Paulo Fehlauer

Rio Negro Bridge

The impressive construction is recent, opened in 2011 and connects the capital of Amazonas to the municipality of Iranduba. The bridge offers a great photo of Rio Negro and is already becoming one of the main tourist attractions in the city.

Estevam Cesar

San Sebastian Church

One of the oldest monuments in the city, the Igreja São Sebastião is next to the Teatro Amazonas. The interior of the Church of São Sebastião is marked by European panels and stained glass with paintings that go from the altar to the ceiling.

Marcus Santos

Science Forest

Bosque da Ciência has 13 hectares of native forest, the space seeks to bring people closer to nature. The area has a rich biodiversity. During a walk it is normal to come across wild animals such as pacas, capybaras, sloths and monkeys, in addition to other animals that were rescued such as manatees, caimans and giant otters that can be observed in the park's tanks.

Marcos Delmar

Rio Negro Palace

The Rio Negro Palace was once the seat of the Government and the governor's residence. Built in 1903, it was first named Palacete Scholz, a tribute to the German Waldemar Scholz, considered the “Rubber Baron”.

Lilianny Oliveira Costa

Municipal market

The Adolpho Lisboa Municipal Market is one of the most important centers for the commercialization of regional products. Inspired by the Les Halles Market in Paris, it was the second market built in Brazil, opened in 1882.

jean cardoso

Provincial Palace

The Palacete Provincial, restored in 2009, was the headquarters of the Military Police of Amazonas for over a hundred years, and currently houses five museums: the Pinacoteca has paintings, photos and engravings by local artists; Numismatics has a collection of 8,000 coins; Image and Sound has DVDs and CDs for free on-site viewing; the Tiradentes Museum honors the firefighters and the state police with weapons and uniforms; and the Archeology one reproduces excavations and artifacts discovered in the region.

Marcus Bevilaqua

Other tourist attractions in Manaus:

  • Museu do Seringal Vila Paraíso
  • Museum of the Amazon (MUSA)
  • Manaus Botanical Garden Adolpho Ducke
  • Monument to the Opening of Ports to Friendly Nations
  • CIGS Zoo
  • Cultural Center of the Peoples of the Amazon
  • Tiradentes Museum
  • Jefferson Peres Park
  • Museum of Natural Sciences of the Amazon

Plan your trip:

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How to get:

By airplane
Eduardo Gomes International Airport receives flights from the main Brazilian capitals every day.

By car
Given the characteristics of the North Region, it is safer to arrive by plane. Manaus is about 5,600 km from Belém, and this long route is punctuated by dozens of highways. At the end, there is a long ferry ride to the capital. Those who depart by car from Brasília have about 4,000 km to Manaus, covering highways such as BR-060 (Belém-Brasília), BR-153 (Transbrasiliana) and several others in the states of Goiás, Mato Grosso, Rondônia and Amazonas.

By bus
The city receives buses only from the interior of the state. For up-to-date information on which companies operate to Manaus, it is worth calling the bus station in the capital of Amazonas.
Manaus bus station
Tel: (92) 3632-2568

Of boat
From Belém, capital of Pará, the boat trip to Manaus takes five days. The inverse route, Manaus-Belém, by waterway, is covered in four days.

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