Montevideo tourism tips: what to do in Montevideo, main tourist attractions. Check out our tourism tips in the Uruguayan capital

The small Uruguayan capital offers great entertainment options and is the perfect international destination to discover in just a few days. bathed by Rio de La Plata, Montevideo is the capital of Uruguay and is located in the south-central part of the country. Comprised of wide avenues and low-rise buildings, its streets are always clean and well-treated, guaranteeing a mid-1950s atmosphere, a time when the city was considered one of the most prosperous in Latin America.

As it is a flat city, the best way to get to know Montevideo is walking. the capital of Uruguay it is quiet and very peaceful, so much so that it is on the list of the 30 safest cities in the world, with an incredible quality of life.

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The main attractions of Montevideo are in the historic center, also called Vieja City, which refers to the foundation of Montevideo in 1723, when the Spanish crown ordered the construction of a port city on the site to expel the Portuguese. It is very easy to take the walking tour and discover highlights such as the Porta da Cidadela, which was used for defense in the 19th century, the Teatro Sólis (1856), Palácio Salvo (20th century) and Plaza Independencia. A must stop to eat is the famous Mercado do Porto, which serves traditional Uruguayan barbecue, as well as dulce de leche and alfajor.

Another point of interest in Montevideo and the Carrasco neighborhood, where the most elegant hotels are located and the popular Casino Carrasco, where tourists gather to try their luck at various types of games. 

Because it is relatively small, it is possible to make a day trip to other cities in the country from Montevideo. Colonia del Sacramento is a popular tourist destination. The charming city founded by the Portuguese, has a historic area that houses numerous colonial buildings populated by inns and inviting restaurants and galleries. Another possibility is to take a day trip to the trendy Punta del Este. Check out our tips and check out the main tourist attractions in Montevideo.

Sights in Montevideo

Montevideo tourist attractions

Tourism tips in Montevideo. Photo: Don Mammoser / Shutterstock

Vieja City

Ciudad Vieja is the historic district of Montevideo. Born as a stronghold founded by the Portuguese, the following year it passed into the hands of the Spaniards, who founded the city between 1724 and 1726, with immigrants from the Canary Islands.

Prado neighborhood

The Prado was the first summer neighborhood in Montevideo, where you can find the best houses in the city and some historic residences. The neighborhood also has the best views to have of the city and to visit some tourist attractions located in the region, including the Botanical Garden, Blanes Museum and Parque del Prado.

Rambla de Montevideo

One of the most beloved walks by Montevideo and that impresses visitors is the Rambla de Montevideo. This coastal avenue runs along almost the entire coast of the city and has an excellent view of the Rio de Plata.

Solis Theater

Opened in 1856 with the performance of an opera by Verdi, Teatro Solís, this imposing building in the Historic Center, is one of the architectural symbols not only of Montevideo, but of the entire country. Its classic interior inspired by Italian theater projects, such as Milan's Scala, can be visited with a curious tour led by actors. The program ranges from classical music performances to theatrical shows.

Mercado de los Artesanos

The Mercado de los Artesanos is very close to the City Hall, in the market you can find several works by Uruguayan artisans and is a great place to buy souvenirs.

Palacio Salvo

One of the city's postcards. Located in Plaza Independencia, construction was completed in 1928 and was once the tallest building in South America.

Citadel Gate

The gate is in the historic center and served as protection during the 19th century, when the city was surrounded by walls.

Puerto del Market

This is one of the most sought after places by tourists to taste the traditional parrilla, the Uruguayan barbecue that can contain anything from steak and ribs to kidneys and intestines. For dessert, the most popular products are dulce de leche and alfajores.

Av 18 de Julio

One of the most important avenues in Montevideo and it concentrates the options of stores for shopping. Here the tourist also finds many bars and restaurants while observing the charming old buildings.

other sights

  • Carrasco neighborhood
  • Calle Sarandí
  • Centennial Stadium
  • Tristan Narvaja Fair
  • Botanical Garden
  • Mansions in the Prado Neighborhood
  • Mercado de los Artesanos
  • Montevideo Shopping
  • Blanes Museum
  • Torres Garcia Museum
  • Carnival Museum
  • Estevez Palace
  • Rodó Park
  • Parque del Prado
  • Rodó Park
  • Plaza Independencia
  • Plaza Zabala
  • Punta Carretas
  • Rambla

How to get to Montevideo

Montevideo tourism tips

Tourism tips in Montevideo. Photo: AlexMilesi / Shutterstock

By airplane

The city has its own airport. Carrasco International Airport is located approximately 20 km from downtown, and receives direct flights from the main Brazilian capitals.

Gol has direct flights from Porto Alegre, in addition to São Paulo and Rio. TAM also offers daily flights between São Paulo and the Uruguayan capital. 

Of boat

If you are coming from Buenos Aires, there is an option to go all the way from boat or go to Colonia del Sacramento on the Rio del Prata and then take a bus to the Uruguayan capital.

By car

The fastest way for the driver is to leave Porto Alegre by BR-116 and continue until Ruta 8. The route is about 500 km.

By bus

There are buses that leave from cities like Porto Alegre and São Paulo, but the trip is long and can last up to 30 hours.

Best time to visit Montevideo

Sights in Montevideo

Tourist attractions in Montevideo. Photo: Diegoocampoh / Wikimedia Commons

The city's climate is not as cold as its neighbors in South America, as during winter temperatures can go from 5°C to 18°C. In summer, thermometers are usually between 20°C and 28°C.

Between September and April, the country registers the lowest rainfall. In summer, the thermometers do not exceed 28ºC. In the cold winter, the temperature can reach 6ºC, or less, according to the region.

Where to stay in Montevideo

Montevideo tourism tips

Tourism tips in Montevideo. Photo: Byvalet / Shutterstock

Montevideo has basically two regions where the best options for hotels and inns in the city are concentrated: the center and the waterfront. The center is home to several cheaper accommodation options and is the heart of the city. In it are some of the main attractions of the destination such as Ciudad Vieja, Teatro Sólis and Plaza de la Independencia. THE Don Boutique It is a super charming option in the city and is opposite the Mercado del Puerto.

The Punta Carretas – Pocito axis, on the edge of Montevideo, is seen by many tourists as the best area to stay in the city. Nearby neighborhoods have good restaurants, bars and Punta Carretas Shopping, the best and most modern shopping center in the city. THE Hyatt Centric Montevideo it is in front of the coast, has rooms with sea views and is among the best options in the city.

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