Village on the Bahian coast enchants travelers looking for parties, those who want tranquility next to preserved nature and those curious about colonial history

the small village of Sao Paulo hill stay in Tinharé Island, about 250 km from Salvador, and is accessible by boat or plane. The journey can take up to 2h30, but the destination will be worth every minute of waiting, whether for the paradisiacal beaches, the delicious cuisine or the charming luau at the end of the day.

The main attraction is definitely the beaches – and there is one for every type of tourist. THE First Beach is the focus of activities such as zip lines and banana boats, second beach is sought after by the hustle of restaurants and inns, Third and Fourth Beach are perfect for relaxing and diving in the natural pools, and the Quinta Praia it is further away and almost deserted with preserved Atlantic Forest.

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The center is small, but full of history, since the island was a strategic point to protect the coast of Salvador in the colonial period. That's why one of the main attractions is the Tapirandu Fortress and, entering more through the streets, it is possible to see 17th century mansions, the 18th century water supply system and 19th century churches.

Keep an eye out for some important tips to make your trip even better: carry little luggage, in Morro de São Paulo the circulation of cars is prohibited, so transport is done with tractors on roads parallel to the beaches, so you will have to carry your bags to the inn; leve money because not all places accept cards and there are no ATMs from all banks, only Bradesco and Banco do Brasil; The voltage on the island is 220V, so be careful not to spoil your personal items. How Sao Paulo hill it's a beach destination, the island has mosquitoes, so don't let the repellent off the list.

Things to do in Morro de Sao Paulo

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The colonial heritage can still be seen in many places on the island, but the center concentrates most of the attractions.

Our Lady of Light Church

Located at the end of the harbor pier ramp since 1845, it is one of the first buildings seen when arriving on the island.

big house

Dating back to 1608, it is one of the oldest buildings. Nowadays it is space for an inn.

large font

Built in 1746 to serve as a water supply system.

Tapirandu Fortress

The former protection base for the coast of Salvador, today it is an excellent place to watch the sunset. Visitors can also explore the site and see a prison and the tunnel that leads to the church.

Rua Caminho da Praia

One of the main thoroughfares of the city and it concentrates restaurants with cuisines for all tastes and pockets.

First Beach

This is the closest beach to the village, therefore the most frequented by locals. Here, visitors can also enjoy one of the longest zip lines in the country and see the landscape from above.

second beach

The attraction is at the end of Rua Caminho da Praia and is famous for its good structure during the day and parties at night. At the end of the afternoon, the region has a handicraft fair and typical foods, in addition to being the stage for the luau.

Third Beach

One of the quietest and there are only a few inns and small restaurants nearby. This is where the boat trips organized by local agencies leave.

Fourth Beach

This is the beach that has the calmest sea on the island and natural pools perfect for diving. It is the best choice if the traveler is looking for tranquility.

Quinta Praia

Also called Praia do Encanto, it is 6km from the center and is where tourists can get in deeper contact with nature, as the Atlantic Forest and mangroves are preserved and it is still possible to dive among corals in the natural pools to see it from close to marine life

Gamboa do Morro beach

It is on the north side of the island in a village of sinners. Despite being still off the route of most tourists, it offers good infrastructure for visitors, who have the chance to delight in the cuisine of local families.

Other places to visit in Morro de Sao Paulo:

  • Morro de Sao Paulo Lighthouse
  • Aureliano Lima Square
  • Beaches:
  • Porto de Cima
  • Ponta da Pedra
  • Corral Point
  • Garapuá

How to get to Morro de Sao Paulo

Photo: Márcio Filho / MTUR

By airplane

The nearest airport to Morro de Sao Paulo is in Salvador, 248 km away. There it is possible to take another flight to the final destination (about 20 minutes) or go to the Maritime Tourist Terminal and go by boat (approximately 2 hours).

Of boat

Those who access Morro de São Paulo by boat take approximately 2h30min, and can vary to 3hrs depending on the tide. The departure is at the Mercado Modelo Maritime Terminal in Salvador and the boat leaves the tourists at the Cais de Morro de São Paulo.

By car or bus

The traveler must go to Valença and from there take a boat to Morro de São Paulo.

Best time to visit Morro de Sao Paulo

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The sun reigns all year and leaves temperatures between 20°C and 30°C, but the rains are more frequent between the months of May and July. If you like a lot of action and parties, the best time to visit Morro de São Paulo is during the summer. During the season thousands of tourists land on the island looking for beautiful beaches, high temperatures and the famous parties produced by the sea. The great peak of tourism on the island occurs on New Year's Eve and Carnival.

If you want a little more peace, escape from the jinx and the hustle and bustle of people, go in the low season (May-October), which is the lowest price period.

Where to stay in Morro de Sao Paulo

Photo: Márcio Filho / MTUR

Find accommodation in Morro de São Paulo here.

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