Tourism tips in Mundaú: discover the main tourist attractions to know and visit in Ceará

Mundaú is a small fishing village located in the municipality of betrayed, 120 km from Fortaleza. The rustic village with few streets and a peaceful climate, was built in front of one of the most exuberant scenery on the coast of Ceará, and is a real stronghold for those looking for sunny days, beautiful places and moments of tranquility.

Tourists arriving in the region can enjoy the beauties of the destination in delicious catamaran tours, which sail between the dunes and mangroves on the banks of the river. Mundaú River.

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Another tourist attraction Mundaú are the fascinating natural pools formed by the reefs spread along the coast of the beach. The attraction can only be accessed during the low tide period, which happens twice a day. Its calm, warm and clear waters are home to numerous marine species that can be observed during free diving.

It's from Lookout Square boats that offer tours along the Mundaú River leave. On the way, the local guides explain a little about the local fauna and flora, and make some stops between dunes, freshwater beaches and mangroves that provide great bathing and points to observe the beauties of the region.

Other points worth mentioning are the gastronomy and handicrafts of Mundaú. The abundance of fish and shellfish present in this part of the Brazilian coast, resulted in tasty dishes washed down with seafood mixed with other famous dishes from the northeast such as baião de dois, paçoca, jerimum, gherkin, string beans and other spices from the state.

The careful work of the Mundau lacemakers can be seen in the shops scattered along Rua da Praia, right in front of Mirante da Praça.

Things to do in Mundau

Photo: Gustavo Albano

Natural pools

Mundaú's natural pools are close to the entrance to the village, and appear daily during low tide. It is possible to access the attraction only on foot or with catamarans that offer a tour of the reefs with a stop for swimming. The tour lasts an average of 1h30.

Church of San Miguel

The friendly church is located at the highest point of the city and its tower can be seen from different parts of Mundaú.

Mundaú River

With extremely clear and warm waters, the Mundaú River impresses visitors who arrive in the city. Some agencies offer boat trips that pass at various points close to the water flow, such as freshwater beaches, dunes and mangroves.

Square Lookout

The place has a privileged panoramic view of the region. There are several restaurants, bars and snack bars, and it offers two bathing options: on one side the fresh waters of the Mundaú River, on the other the salt waters of the coast of Ceará. It is from Mirante da Praça that the boats that offer tours in the village leave.


Another attraction of the municipality of Trairi is the small fishing village on Praia de Guajiru, 16 km from Mundaú. The village also has some interesting attractions, such as the natural pools of Guajiru and Pedra das Índias, a rock formation that allows the visitor to have a panoramic view of the beach. The place got its name for being the observation point of the Indians who lived there in the past.

catamaran tour

Nautical tours take place twice a day. The first in the morning, around 8:30 am. The second in the late afternoon, around 2 pm. During the morning tour, the catamaran navigates a 4 km stretch of the Mundaú River. The other occurs when the tide is at its lowest level, and provides great dips in the natural pools scattered along the beach.


The rustic village is a few kilometers from Mundaú and is the beach that offers the greatest structure and accommodation option in Trairi. It is possible to reach the charming beach by car or buggy rides offered at the destination's tourist agencies. arrows It has good restaurants in front of the beach and it can be a great option for a night program in the region.

Other places to visit in Mundaú:

  • Emboaca beach
  • Coqueiros Beach
  • stone from india
  • Almecegas Lagoon
  • Lagoinha Beach

How to get to Mundau

Tourism tips in Mundaú

Tourism tips in Mundaú. Photo: Gustavo Albano

By airplane

The closest airport to the municipality of Trairi is Pinto Martins International Airport, in Fortaleza. From there it is possible to get to Mundaú using taxi, transfer or bus services, leaving from Rodoviária Eng. John Thomas.

By car

Mundaú is approximately 150 km from Fortaleza. To reach the place by car, it is necessary to follow the CE-085, then the CE-163, two state highways with excellent and signposted sections.

By bus

The company charter offers the stretch from Fortaleza to Trairi. After arriving in the municipality, it is necessary to make another short trip of approximately 20 min (15 km) to the village of Mundaú. The route can be done by bus, transfers or taxis. There are 11 daily departures every hour, starting at 6:30 am.

Best time to visit Mundau

Tourism tips in Mundaú

Tourism tips in Mundaú. Photo: Gustavo Albano

Mundaú has high climates and sunny days practically all year round. The first semester is the rainiest, but even so, the chance to find open days is not that difficult. Carnival and New Year's Eve are the times when the destination receives the most visitors, so if you prefer to avoid crowds, avoid these dates.

After the rainy season, some lagoons are usually formed between the dunes that surround Mundaú, creating true natural pools that can be easily accessed, leaving the center of the village.
On the 20th of September of every year, the Festa de São Miguel is held with regattas and canoeing.

Where to stay in Mundau

Tourism tips in Mundaú

Tourism tips in Mundaú. Photo: Gustavo Albano

Most of Mundaú's attractions are concentrated in a few kilometers away, so the location of inns and hotels will not be a problem to consider. All accommodation options are close to the beach and Mirante da Praia. The two most sought after and visited spots by tourists.

Check out some accommodation options in Mundaú here.

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