Certainly, surrounded by countless attractions, New York is one of the favorite destinations for Brazilians abroad. That's because the city offers sightseeing for all tastes: museums, parks, historic sites, buildings with breathtaking architecture and restaurants that are among the best in the world.

New York - USA

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Certainly, immortalized in countless movie sets, the most influential city on the globe is a true cultural melting pot. This is because there are so many options for attractions, that the city receives thousands of tourists with the most diverse interests. You can visit some of the most important museums in the world, observe famous buildings, watch concerts, plays and the famous Broadway musicals or even enjoy the immensity of shops, malls and galleries scattered around the city and do some shopping.

Manhattan – NY

But to better understand New York It's good to start by understanding the division of the city. Well, there are 5 districts (also known as borough) and each one has its own attractions, stories and peculiarities. Certainly, the most famous of them is Manhattan, where the best hotels, restaurants, museums and shops in the destination are concentrated.

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Brooklyn – NY

Another popular area is the Brooklyn region. The area that was once considered a dangerous place has become the coolest region in New York. Today the place is frequented by intellectuals, artists and curious people who enjoy the great diversity of options of galleries, parks, museums, beaches, restaurants, bars and one of the most famous views of the Manhattan skyline, which can be observed when crossing the Bridge. from Brooklyn.

Queens – NY

The Queens Zone is known for the multicultural population that lives and frequents this little piece of NY. Surprisingly, there are more than 100 nationalities sharing the same space, making Queens one of the most ethnically diverse areas in the world! In addition, it is there that the most economical options for accommodation in New York.

Bronx – NY

Located north of Manhattan, the Bronx is separated by the Harlem River and is home to iconic neighborhoods such as Little Italy, a little piece of Italy within NY, full of restaurants that offer typical Italian dishes.

Stanten Island – NY

The last and least important is the district of Stanten Island, this is perhaps the area farthest from Manhattan and least sought after by tourists. For, despite this, it is also considered an authentic part of New York for housing the largest number of buildings from the colonial period. So, if you decide to visit this region, be sure to visit Historic Richmond Town, a small rural town with countless 17th-century houses, and Fort Wadsworth, a Dutch-built fort that served to protect New York from possible invasions.

In addition, the five regions that divide the city: Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, State Island and Manhattan, is the latter home to the main tourist attractions of New York. The third largest city in the Americas brings together some of the most famous postcards in the world, such as the romantic Central Park, the bustling Times Square, the emblematic Statue of Liberty and buildings that are considered true masterpieces of engineering, such as the Empire State Building Bank of America Tower and the Chrysler Building.


Another strong point of New York is gastronomy recognized worldwide. As a result, its restaurants are among the best in the world and the city's multicultural diversity can be seen on a gastronomic tour of the city. In addition, as in other large capitals, it is possible to find restaurants specializing in typical dishes of the country, as well as those dedicated to the cuisine of other nations.

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What to do in New York:

New York - USA

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– Empire State Building

With 102 floors and 448.7 meters high, the Empire State Building skyscraper was named after the state of New York and held the post of tallest building in the world for 40 years – until the opening of the North Tower of the World Trade Center in 1972.

– Natural History Museum

The Museum has galleries filled with collections that range from stuffed animals to meteorites. Plus, the museum is so huge that it takes up four blocks on the Upper West Side. Surprisingly, the most visited gallery is the dinosaur floor, which contains more than 600 fossils, including a Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton.

– Central Park

With more than 320 hectares, Central Park cuts through much of the district of Manhattan and has a list of attractions to do outdoors, such as bicycle rentals, the small zoo with 130 species, the wonderful Shakespeare Garden and dozens of other attractions. trails and sculptures scattered throughout the green area.

- Statue of Liberty

It is certainly the biggest symbol of New York and it is located on a small island. To climb its 354 steps to its crown, tourists need to take a boat from Battery Park, in lower Manhattan. The huge sculpture was given as a gift by the French to commemorate the centenary of the American Revolution and represents politics and democracy.

– Times Square

Illuminated 24 hours a day with animated screens, massive billboards and theater marquees, Manhattan's Times Square is considered the heart of New York City. For sure, those who love to shop during the trip will enjoy walking through the galleries and shops of the famous intersection.

– Brooklyn Bridge

The bridge connecting Brooklyn to Manhattan opened in 1883, it was the longest suspension bridge in the world, and in 1964 it was designated a National Historic Landmark. Today, it remains one of the city's great icons.

– Wall Street

Wall Street in New York is considered one of the world centers of capitalism. This street is located in the south of Manhattan, between the skyscrapers that seem to reach the clouds and where the largest stock exchange in the world is located. It is certainly the center of New York's business.

– Grand Central Terminal

Surprisingly, Grand Central Terminal is considered the largest subway terminal in the world. There are 44 platforms and 67 tracks in addition to many restaurants, but none of this compares to the grandeur of the station's huge lobby. That's because, the attraction is famous not only for being a great transport hub. There are currently many shops, restaurants and even a market inside the terminal.

– Chinatown

Just off Broadway is another very famous and scenic neighborhood in New York: Chinatown. The neighborhood that looks more like a scenario produced for the production of an Asian film, is one of the oldest in the city and brings together thousands of shops and restaurants characterized in Chinese style.

- Fifth Avenue

Fifth Avenue or Fifth Avenue is undoubtedly one of the busiest and most important streets in New York. In addition, the avenue was once the address of rich and famous people, but today it has become a commercial area and houses stores of world-renowned brands.

– Top of the Rock

Top of the Rock is an observatory inside the GE Building, a building that is part of Rockefeller Center in NY. Therefore, the attraction is a great option for those who want to observe the city from above. That's because, from the top of the building, you can admire numerous points of the city, including Central Park, Lower Manhattan and the Empire State.

– Metropolitan Museum of Art

Known as the MET, the Metropolitan Museum of Art is on the list of the most important museums. This is because it has a rich collection that includes themes such as Egyptian art and culture, European paintings, Asian art, American art, Islamic art, medieval art.

Other places to visit in New York:

  • 9/11 Memorial
  • Metropolitan Museum
  • Cathedral St. Patrick's
  • New York Public Library
  • MoMA
  • West Village
  • Madison Square
  • World Trade Ceter Station
  • Riverside Park

How to get to New York:

New York

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By airplane

Direct flights connect the cities of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro to New York. The airports serving the metropolitan region are the JFK, La Guardia LGA, and Newark EWR. In addition, transportation to the center is done by taxis, trains or shuttle vans.

By train

On the other hand, Manhattan is connected by trains to other important cities in the United States, such as Miami, Washington, Orlando and Boston.

Best time to visit New York:

new York

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Surprisingly, New York is charming in all seasons. During the spring, between the months of April and May, for example, the city parks are filled with flowers and it is quite common to rain.

In summer, the temperature can reach up to 40ºC. That's why, at this time of year, people get more relaxed and crowd parks, festivals and street fairs.

Winter is magical. The days get dark early, the trees no longer have leaves and the cold takes over the place, reaching as low as -15°C. The height of winter hits New York in January and February.

Finally, spring begins in mid-March and lasts until mid-June. This season also has cold days. But from April onwards, the temperature usually sets and the sun appears more often.

Where to stay:

Find accommodation in New York here.

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