Still little explored by tourists, the capital of Tocantins was founded in 1989, earning the title of newest capital in the country. Its temperature always around 27 degrees, invite residents and visitors to a wonderful bath in the freshwater beaches present in the region, among them are the beaches of Graciosa, Prata and Arnos, very busy and surrounded by kiosks and stalls, a great place to practice water sports.

Located in the North region of Brazil, the municipality was planned and has wide and long avenues complemented with many green areas. The name "palms” was chosen in honor of the Comarca de São João da Palma, seat of the first separatist movement in the region. The large number of palm trees, a species native to the region, was another factor that greatly influenced the choice of name.

The rich and impeccable gastronomy of Palmeiras has an influence from Goiás, Minas Gerais, São Paulo and Maranhão, with dishes made from beef, pork and goat meat, in addition to having many fish-based dishes due to its proximity to the river. Paella de Tocantins is one of the most typical foods in the city of palms. It is made with sausage and chicken, among other ingredients, and is part of the dishes you can't miss.

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The city is located in the heart of Brazil and is surrounded by the mountains of Carmo, Lajeado and the Tocantins River.

What to do:

Luis Carlos Prestes Memorial

Designed by Oscar Niemeyer, the building was inaugurated in 2011 to honor the communist leader Luís Carlos Prestes.

Flavio Chan

Photo: Flavio Chan

Graciosa Beach

The freshwater beach is a popular spot to watch the sunset. The beach has 520 meters of shoreline with several bars and restaurants.

Eva Uviedo

Photo: Eva Uviedo

Sunflowers Square

Praça dos Girassóis is the second largest public square in the world. The square is home to the main architectural symbols of the city such as the Araguaia Palace, the ground zero of Palmas and the Coluna Prestes Memorial.

Pedro Igor Reis

Photo: Pedro Igor Reis

Araguaia Palace

The Araguaia Palace is the seat of the State Executive power, a landmark from which the capital's streets and avenues were designed. A symbol of modernity in Tocantins, the Araguaia Palace replaced a rustic space that is now listed as a State Historic Landmark, the Palacinho.

Helena Abreu

Photos: Helena Abreu

Other tourist attractions in Palmas:

  • Forest Fair
  • Lajeado State Park
  • Palmas Cultural Space
  • Fernanda Montenegro Theater
  • Museum of History and Culture
  • Tocantins Historical Museum
  • Rockfall Waterfall

How to get:

By airplane
Palmas Brigadeiro Lysias Rodrigues Airport receives daily flights from the main capitals of Brazil.

By car
From Brasília: 850 km – access via the TO-050.
From Cuiabá: 1547km via BR-070.
From Salvador: 1441km via BR-324, BR-242 and TO-040.

By bus
The city receives daily buses from several Brazilian capitals. For up-to-date information on which companies operate to Palmas, it is worth calling the bus station.
Palmas bus station
Tel: (63) 3228-5688

Best time to visit Palmas:

Throughout the year temperatures in Palmas are usually high, reaching up to 40 degrees. Making it the perfect destination to visit at any time of year.


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