Known for its beautiful coastline with clear and calm waters, the state of Pernambuco is the ideal destination for those looking to relax in the paradisiacal scenery of the northeast coast.

Porto de Galinhas natural pools. Photo: Hayann Christyann

Divided between the coast and the hinterland, the state of Pernambuco it is a very rich state of natural beauty and history. The state was well disputed in the 16th century by the Portuguese and Dutch who left traces of colonization and can be seen in the various mansions and historical monuments scattered throughout the state.

In the south of the state beaches with warm waters attract tourists from all over the world, destinations such as Praia de Carneiros in the municipality of tamandaré and the famous Port of Chickens, elected 10 times the best beach in Brazil, located in the city of Ipojuca, are certain destinations for those who want to explore the tourist attractions of State.

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The region is also home to a treasure in its immense coastline, the archipelago of Fernando de Noronha, one of the destinations most coveted in Brazil. The district is divided between APA (Environmental Preservation Area) and National Marine Park, and is considered a Natural World Heritage Site since 2001 by UNESCO.

If you like history and culture, Pernambuco it's a full plate. on the slopes of Olinda historic buildings can be visited just 20 minutes from the capital. In Recife the historic district is the perfect destination to discover more of the traditional attractions and culture of Pernambuco.

The capital is cut by rivers and connected by bridges. Be sure to check out the traditional boat trips through the three main districts of the center (Recife Antigo, Santo Antônio and Boa Vista) an excellent way to get a photo with a panoramic view of the churches and bridges that intersect the destination.

The local handicraft is made up of unique pieces produced in leather, lace, straw, among other handmade items. The cuisine based on seafood made in creative preparations will also surprise you.

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