This is undoubtedly one of the destinations that most attract the attention of tourists who frequent the large northern river. THE Praia da Pipa is located in a small village in the municipality of South Tibau, 85 km south of the capital Christmas. The name has indigenous descent and means “between two waters”, a term that describes the geography around the attraction, which is surrounded by Lagoa de Guaraíras and the Atlantic Ocean.

upon arriving at Kite you come across beautiful beaches, charming hotels, excellent quality restaurants and a vibrant nightlife, which make the destination one of the most beautiful and trendy places in the Brazilian northeast. If you are looking for peace and more deserted landscapes, the ideal program is to walk alongside the multicolored cliffs and discover the trails that give access to viewpoints with impressive views of the region.

Further north of the village, the beach, the beaches of Baía dos Golfinhos and Madeiro, are the great sensation of tourists who visit the village of Kite. The bay is named after the dolphins that swim in its calm waters. Praia do Madeiro, on the other hand, is protected by an extensive area covered by Atlantic Forest and with rustic self-guided trails.

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Av Baía dos Golfinhos is the main access road to the village and houses the main restaurants, hotels and all infrastructure for tourists, such as 24-hour cashiers, markets, pharmacies and handicraft stores. During the night, the flow is usually intense and several bars offer live music.

Things to do in Pipa:

Photo: Flickr - Rqserra Photo

Photo: Flickr – Rqserra Photo

Praia do Madeiro

Elected one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil, Praia do Madeiro is surrounded by cliffs and a lot of Atlantic Forest. Despite carrying a “roots” air, the attraction offers good options for restaurants on the beach, bars and even some inns with private access to the beach. This is one of the most popular beaches for surfers who land in the village.


Mirante do Chapadão is located between Praia do Amor and Praia do Minas, and is a great place to enjoy the phenomena of sunrise and sunset. Enjoy the paradisiacal scenery of Praia do Amor seen from above, to make souvenir photographs.

Love Beach

The coolest beach in Pipa has cliffs in reddish tones, natural pools and an area with perfect waves for surfing. This is one of the closest beaches to the center of Pipa, with easy access from both Av. Baía dos Golinhos, as well as by Praia do Centro.

Pipa Ecological Sanctuary

The protected area is home to the largest concentration of Atlantic Forest in Rio Grande do Norte, and offers 16 trails open to the public, with different levels of difficulty.

Sunset Bar Lookout

The Mirante Sunset Bar has the most beautiful view of Pipa to enjoy the sunset. The bar opens daily at 4pm and is located on the cliffs near Praia do Centro.

Praia do Curral (Dolphin Bay)

Praia do Curral is home to dozens of marine species, including the famous dolphins that live in the bay in front of the village. The beach is part of a protected area and is not accessible by car, which makes the attraction a deserted beach, with no structure of tents and protected by large cliffs.


Just 7 km away from the center of Pipa, the village of Sibaúma stands out for its natural pools scattered along the coast. To the north of Praia de Sibaúma, the gigantic cliffs in reddish tones follow kilometers of beaches towards Pipa and serve as an imposing viewpoint, with a panoramic view of the entire region.

Other attractions in Pipa:

– Praia da Camcimbinha
– Praia do Giz
– Lagoa de Guarairas
– Praia das Minas
– Barra do Cunhau

How to get to Pipa

photo: Richard Brundage

photo: Richard Brundage

By airplane

Pipa is between two capitals in the northeast with airports that receive daily flights from the main cities in the country. You can choose between the airports of Natal and João Pessoa.

By car

Leaving Natal or João Pessoa, you need to take the BR-101 to the municipality of Goianinha (from both cities); from there, continue for another 25 km to the city of Tibau do Sul, where you will find the access to Pipa

By bus

The Expresso Oceano offers a comfortable bus ride from Natal to the village of Pipa, in just under 2 hours.

From Joao Pessoa to Northeast bus offers stretches to the city of Goianinha, which serves as a transfer point for tourists heading towards Pipa.

Best time to visit Pipa

Photo: Roberto Ramos

Photo: Roberto Ramos

Like all other great Northeastern destinations, Pipa has its peak of tourists in the summer, between the months of December and February. In these months temperatures vary between 24ºC and 31ºC.

As the village is very close to two capitals, it is common for the destination to be more crowded on long holidays.

The rainy season usually takes place between March and July.

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