Close to Manaus, Venezuela and Guyana, Boa Vista, the capital of Roraima, offers good attractions for those who like to go on an ecotourism trip and adventure tourism. The city originated in the 19th century and has many historic buildings in addition to other attractions such as the Taumanan waterfront, the Civic Center, the Praça das Águas, the Portal do Milênio, the Velia Coutinho Cultural and Income Generation Craft Center, the Monument to the Garimpeiro, Anauá Park and Água Boa Beach.

For the more adventurous, getting to know Mount Roraima is undoubtedly one of the most different and challenging experiences. Even for those who practice trekking, walking is much more than walking and camping in the middle of nature. Anyone who wants to reach one of the highest points in Brazil, with an altitude of 2,739.30 meters, has the opportunity to visit one of the oldest regions on the planet, from a period before the existence of man on Earth.

Others tourist attractions that deserve to be visited are Monte Caburaí, Serra do Tepequém, Ilha de Maracá, Pedra Pintada, Forte São Joaquim and Marco da Linha do Equator.

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Check out the best tips to enjoy the sights of Roraima:

Good view:

» Tourism in Boa Vista: what to see and do

Yuruani Waterfall. Photo: Daniel Dandrea

Mother Church NºSra do Carmo in Boa Vista. Photo: Maria Martins

Leisure in Boa Vista. Photo: Embratur Publicity

Mount Roraim. Photo: Jesus Rodriguez

Orla Taumanan. Photo: Antonio Jose

Natural pools in Monte Roraíma. Photo: Embratur Publicity

Macuxis Bridge. Photo: Embratur Publicity

Kukenan River. Photo: Brasil Aventure

Vale dos Cristais Monte Roraima. Photo: Leandro Bevi

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