The city has the air of a European capital and still leaves the tourist face to face with wonders of nature such as the Andes

Santiago has increasingly won the hearts of Brazilians despite not being one of the cheapest destinations to travel in Latin America. The city enchants for being a large plain surrounded by the majestic Andes and preserving the old architecture of the historic center, giving tourists a taste of walking through the streets of European capitals.

The main point of Santiago and the Plaza de las Armas, where attractions such as the Museo Chileno de Arte Precolombino, the Museo Histórico Nacional, the Correo Central building built in the 18th century and the Metropolitan Cathedral of Santiago dating from the 19th century are located. From there it is possible to continue walking to Cerro Santa Lucía and the Central Market, where you can find the traditional centellas, which are giant crabs. The dish serves two people and costs about $100 dollars.

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In this region are also famous places like the Parque Florestal, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the first museum of its kind in Latin America, and the Emporio de la Rosa, considered one of the best ice cream parlors in the world with exotic flavors such as cream with roses and ginger with orange. .

The city has many options for excellent restaurants, whether the traditional hot dog with avocado and beans, or the more exquisite ones in the trendy neighborhood of Bella Vista. The best known is called Like Water For Chocolate.

Santiago it can be explored calmly in a weekend, but it can be your base to discover other places in the surroundings like the famous Nevado Valley, the stunning Cajón del Maipo and the delicious wineries.

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What to do in Santiago

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Sky Costanera

The tallest building in Latin America has a breathtaking view of the city surrounded by the Andes from its 300 meters high. The viewpoint is in the most famous mall in Santiago, also called Costanera.

Costanera Shopping Mall

This complex has floors divided by themes (children, women, men, among others), and offers restaurants, famous and regional stores and a supermarket. Tourists can present a photo ID at the information desk and to win a booklet with special discounts at various establishments.

Santa Lucia Hill

One of Santiago's easily accessible viewpoints. This one is in the center and doesn't require much effort to reach the top because the climbs are not steep and go through a park full of trees, fountains and stools. The name was given in 1540, when the Spaniard Pedro de Valdivia camped with his troops at the site.

Cerro San Cristobal

The highest viewpoint in the city is about the same height as the Sky Costanera. The ascent is made with a funicular with an optional stop at the Zoo, but tickets are sold with a few options of paths: round trip by funicular, one way by funicular and cable car with descent near the Costanera, and one way by funicular + cable car and return to the same starting place.

Museum of La Memoria y los Derechos Humanos

The museum is a little far from the other attractions, but access is simple by subway. Located in front of the Quinta Normal park, the two-story building is dedicated to the more than 30,000 victims of the Chilean military regime (1973-1990) and has several installations with videos, photos, newspapers and personal items that describe the period in detail. Right at the entrance there is a wall with photos referring to all the countries that faced dictatorship and a status of current investigations about the dead, missing and responsible.

Palace of La Moneda

Built in 1805, it is the seat of government and the place where former president Salvador Allende committed suicide on the day of the military coup on September 11, 1973. Underneath the building there is a museum with free photographic exhibitions and collections with paid visits.

Other places to visit in Santiago:

  • Bella Vista
  • Santiago Metropolitan Cathedral
  • Central Post
  • Emporio della Rosa
  • La Chascona (House of writer Pablo Neruda)
  • Chilean Museum of Pre-Columbian Art
  • Museum of Contemporary Art
  • National Historical Museum
  • Municipal Market - Centella
  • Forest Park
  • Quinta Normal Park
  • Valle Nevado
  • Cajon del Maipo

How to get to Santiago

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By airplane

The easiest way to get to the Chilean capital is by plane, as Comodoro Arturo Merino Benítez International Airport is just over 10km from downtown Santiago. the companies GoalLatamAvianca and Argentine airlines offer the segment departing from some capitals of Brazil with non-stop flights.

By car

For those who have plenty of time and want to know the beautiful roads of southern Brazil and northern Argentina and Chile, a car trip can be a memorable experience. It is possible to make the route with stops at other popular tourist spots in South America, such as Foz do Iguaçu, Mendoza and Santa Fé. Leaving São Paulo, the travel time is approximately 50 hours.

By bus

It is also possible to arrive in Santiago by bus from some Brazilian capitals. The main bus companies are Chilebus and the international feather.

Best time to visit Santiago

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Chilean climates are very similar to Brazil, the seasons occur on the same dates as our country, that is, if it is summer here, it is summer there and so on. During the summer, thermometers can reach 30ºC in Santiago, but the minimums are always low by Brazilian standards, around 11ºC even during the hottest season. In winter, the city usually stays between -10°C and 10°C in the coldest period.

Where to stay in Santiago

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