In the extreme south of the coast of Pernambuco, a paradise with clear waters and filled with beautiful corals that form natural pools has been gaining the taste of different profiles of travelers, the landscapes present in the municipality of tamandaré reveal a calmer and paradisiacal side of the northeastern coast.

tamandaré is surrounded by extensive coconut groves that blend into an area of untouched Atlantic forest, with more than 538 hectares that preserve several species of animals and plants, among them Jatobá, Oiticica da Mata, Pau-brasil, Sucupira, Camaçari, Ipê, Massaranduba , Murici, Gararoba and Mamajuba. The coast with clear waters is home to the second largest barrier reef in the world, which runs from the capital of Alagoas Maceió to Recife, forming natural pools at low tide.

Only 110km away from Recife, the city has urbanized areas with numerous summer houses and tents that serve tourists on weekends and in high season who seek attractions paradise in the city. tamandaré It has 16 km of beaches practically untouched by man, formed by magnificent bays with weak waves, inviting for great dives, an adventure for those who want to discover a territory of marine beauty.

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Fate has many sights to see, some more focused on history, others to appreciate and enjoy the 100% nature present in the region. Among the wide variety of activities, tours to do and places not to be missed, we highlight the Mirante do Oitizeiro, the Church of São José de Botas, the Church of São Pedro, the Chapel of São Benedito in the paradisiacal Praia dos Carneiros, the Fort of Saint Ignatius of Loyola, the Lighthouse of tamandaré and the Ariquindá River.


Photo: Timo Sachsenberg / Wikimedia Commons

Carneiros Beach

Main postcard of the city, the beach has 5 km of coconut trees that border the coast shaped by the Rio Formoso. Natural pools and sandbanks on the high seas offer a spectacle on their own. The icon of this attraction is the charming Capela de São Benedito, built in front of the green sea. see +

Tamandaré beach

It is the most structured beach in Tamandaré, the small shore has a few options of kiosks and restaurants in its 16 km of extension. Praia de Tamandaré is located between the beaches of Campas and Pontal do Lira.

Praia das Campas

Praia das Campas is demarcated by the Igreja de São José to the south and the Hotel Marinas to the north. It is on this beach that most of the beautiful summer houses present in the municipality are concentrated. It is 4.7 km long with calm waters, excellent for swimming due to the large presence of coral reefs.

Boca da Barra

Access is via Tamandaré beach and is located in Barra do Rio Mamocabinha. The beach has a calm sea with a lot of sargassum and reefs. In it are located the ruins of the Tamandaré Fort built in 1691.

Pontal do Lira beach

Located further north, Praia do Pontal do Lira has a vast vegetation of coconut trees and a large presence of corals that make the waters even calmer. When at the beach, be sure to visit the Santo Inácio Forte and Lighthouse.

Where to go

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Saint Benedict's Chapel

Icon of Praia dos Carneiros the church of São Benedito was built in 1910 in the midst of coconut trees and in front of the sea. The simplicity of the architecture together with the beauty of the place form the ideal setting for a great souvenir photo.

Fort of Santo Inácio

Built with the purpose of guarding the port of Tamandaré and protecting the site from Dutch invasions. The fort took fourteen years to complete. Today it is under the custody of the Port Authority of the Ministry of the Navy.

Santo Aleixo Island

The beautiful white sand island is surrounded by corals and is part of the municipality of Serinhaém, the attraction can be seen from Praia dos Carneiros and is very frequented by divers due to the dozens of shipwrecks in its surroundings.

Craftsman's House

Casa do Artesão is a space that exhibits works made with raw material from coconut trees and vines, as well as native fruits and sweets. Casa do Artesão opened in 2001 and is located in Praça Almirante Tamandaré.

Other tourist attractions in Tamandaré:

  • Coral reefs
  • Guadalupe beach
  • Gamela Beach
  • Bulha Waterfall
  • Mangroves
  • St. Joseph's Church
  • Saint Peter's Church
  • Oitizeiro Hill
  • Saltinho Biological Reserve

How to get

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By airplane

The Internal Airport of Recife/ Guararapes – Gilberto Freyre is the closest to the city and receives daily flights from the main Brazilian capitals.

By bus

At the bus station in Recife, there are several bus companies that go to Tamandaré, such as São Domingos, or Auto Viação Cruzeiro Ltda.

By car

Coming from Recife via BR-101, the driver must go to Cabo de Santo Agostinho, then take the PE-60 that goes to Porto de Galinhas, from there go to Rio Formoso, passing through Serrambi and Barra de Serinhaém. When you find the signs TAMANDARÉ / CARNEIROS, it is necessary to take the PE 76 at the Saltinho Forest Reserve to Tamandaré.

Best time to visit Tamandaré

Photo: Rodrigo Soldon / Wikimedia Commons

the months that december to february are marked by the constant movement of tourists in the Carneiros Beach. At this time, prices are usually higher and tourist attractions, as well as restaurants and inns, tend to be more crowded. the months of september to november it has hot days, few rain showers and the movement is less. This is a great time to find more affordable prices and quieter beaches.

avoid the Winter, the period with the highest concentration of rainfall in the region, with June being the wettest month. The climate does not vary much in Tamandaré. The average temperature fluctuates between 23ºC and 25ºC throughout the year.

Where to stay in Tamandaré

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Despite being small and less popular than its neighbors Porto de Galinhas and Maragogi, Tamandaré already has a good supply of inns, hotels and small resorts installed in the municipality.

Although a little more expensive than the edge of the city, the most popular option are the hotels near Praia dos Carneiros, in a quieter and more paradisiacal area. THE Carneiros Beach Resort it's the Pontal dos Carneiros Beach Bungalows are among the best rated options by tourists visiting the destination.

Find accommodation in Tamandaré.

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