Research shows which are the best destinations to spend the honeymoon according to each time of year

The list of the best places to spend your honeymoon in 2020 can change faster than you might think, after all, couples' tastes and expectations are also changeable. A proof of this is the result obtained through a survey carried out with travel consultants to discover trends for 2019.

The destinations were separated by seasons, also considering the preference of travelers for specific climates, seasons and events, among other characteristics. Check out some of them below best places to spend your honeymoon in 2020 and in which season you visit them:

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Places to spend your honeymoon in 2020


Photo: Sturrax / Pixabay

This destination is famous mainly for the Northern Lights, a phenomenon visible only in this region, which helps attract many honeymooners for a unique experience.

Reindeer are also quite an attraction, especially at Christmas time. Therefore, the best season to travel is during the local winter, in December.


Photo: Pixabay

The unique culture is a strong attraction in itself, but it is because of the local spring, more specifically in March, that Japan stands out among the best honeymoon destinations in 2019.

It is in this season that cherry blossoms appear, coloring the streets and parks and creating incredible backdrops for photos and romantic moments.


Photo: sublemo / Pixabay

In June, summer begins in Europe, with the Spanish coast beginning to show greater movement of tourists, albeit timidly.

Ibiza, known for its hype, is one of the perfect honeymoon destinations at this time, and allows couples to enjoy the resorts in peace, or attend the famous parties without being crowded.



Photo: kirkandmimi / Pixabay

Amazing country all year round, Croatia tends to be emptier, and cheaper, during autumn. The beaches and medieval architecture form unique settings that every couple appreciates.

Can you imagine spending your honeymoon side by side with castles? Travel to Croatia in October and see that this is entirely possible.

cape town


Photo: Hilton1949 / Wikimedia Commons

Wine-loving couples can choose South Africa as the best place to spend their honeymoon in 2019, visiting Cape Town wineries in winter, more specifically in January.

In addition, the season is also favorable for safaris, which can last several days.

Buenos Aires

Photo: Luis Argerich / Wikimedia Commons

So close to Brazil, Argentina is certainly already on the list of honeymoon destinations for many people, because of its prices and charm.

In April, in spring, the parks of the capital take on a unique coloring, perfect for romantic walks during the day, which can be followed by a great dinner in one of the numerous restaurants specializing in meat, followed by a typical tango performance.



Photo: koseb / Pixabay

Couples looking for a different honeymoon and not giving up having a unique experience in the midst of nature can choose Tanzania as their destination.

In July, during the summer, the wildebeest migration takes place, a true spectacle of wildlife that can be enjoyed by tourists.



Photo: hugh_s20 / Pixabay

Still in terms of nature, the Galapagos is also considered one of the best places to spend your honeymoon in 2019. This destination is the subject of several documentaries, and no wonder: its wildlife is exuberant, made up of animals that only exist there.

Couples who want to venture out can choose to travel in September, in autumn, when the weather favors sightseeing.

There are also other destinations mentioned in the survey, such as New Zealand, Mallorca Island, Italy, Greece, Maldives and Dubai, which can be checked on Panrotas website.

With so many options, it can be difficult to choose between the best places to spend your honeymoon, but it is enough to carefully analyze the profile of the couple to be able to make the best decision. And the other destinations don't need to be left out: just visit them on other trips, such as wedding anniversary ones.

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