If you are thinking of taking a vacation and taking a trip, there is nothing better than going with your family, so to help you we have separated some tips on places to travel in Brazil

No matter what time of year, traveling with your family is one of the best things to get away from the world. Around loved ones, we feel better and more excited to get back to our routine later. But to get into the relaxed mood, you first need to plan your destination: where to travel with family?

As vacations often do not coincide with the season of the year we want, we have separated a very diverse list of places to travel with family. So you can choose between small or large cities, beaches or countryside, hot or cold. The destination is yours and so is the trip, check out our suggestions.

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Discover the best places to go with the family in Brazil

Serra Gaúcha

Photo: Francielle Garcia Moreira / Wikimedia Commons

One of the places in Brazil to travel with family and the Serra Gaúcha. If you've never heard of it, it's about time you got to know the country's home of peace and high cuisine. The mountain has many cities, but the most famous are Lawn, Lower leg and Bento Gonçalves. In the three, the presence of the European style is constant, with some pulling more towards the culture of chocolate production and others of wines. Why not take a roadtrip?

Rio Quente

Photo: Pablo Regino / MTur

One of the places in Brazil that manages to combine tranquility and fun is the Rio Quente. As the name implies, the spring waters are warm and make all pools and parks naturally heated. The place, in Goiás, is ideal for any age group, as it contains the Hot Park, an amusement park for the adventurous, but also offers whirlpools for those who want to relax.

Aquiraz – Beach Park

Photo: Disclosure

in our list of family outings could not miss the famous Beach Park. The place is one of the biggest attractions in the country, because it offers all kinds of entertainment, from moderate to the most extreme. For example, the family attractions include toys like Noah's Ark and the Aqua Show. Remembering that the park provides a sauna space for those looking to relax amid adrenaline.

Comandatuba Island

Photo: Disclosure

If you are one of those people who can only relax with a beach, Comandatuba Island It is one of best places to travel. The place is in the south of Bahia and offers deserted beaches with preserved vegetation. There you will also find a Bahian culture present in handicrafts and gastronomy, and as the place needs to be accessed by boat, all your experiences become more private.

safe harbor

One of the places in Brazil best known by tourists is safe harbor. But this is not for nothing, because the city offers numerous attractions, from historic centers to paradisiacal beaches. Walking through the narrow streets, you can find manifestations of Brazilian culture such as capoeira, in addition to coming across historic churches. However, what cannot be missed is the nightlife on the alcohol walkway and visiting the famous beaches.


Photo: Humberto Sales / MTur

If you've been to Natal or at least sought out tours in this region, you should know Kite. The village is one of the best places to travel with family, because in addition to containing paradisiacal beaches, the place has a differential that is the presence of dolphins. The boat tours that circle the entire region usually show the animals swimming in the sea, but the Dolphin Bay is the guaranteed point where you will not miss this spectacle.


Photo: Pedro Soares de Oliveira Neto / Flickr

one more of places in Brazil to enjoy on the beach is Maceió. The great attraction of the place are the natural pools, in Pajuçara, where it is possible to see the corals and relax in the greenish water during low tide. But Maceió also has rough waters that attract many surfers, such as the famous Praia do Francês.

Port of Chickens

Photo: Leonardo Shinagawa / Flickr

Port of Chickens one of the best places to travel with family, because you can choose numerous activities for your day. For example, get to know the natural pools and take a raft ride to see the seahorses. Visiting Carneiros beach also needs to be on your list, as it is the most famous in the region because of the church facing the sea.


Photo: Rosanetur
/ flickr

Mixing some salt water and fresh water is Jericoacoara. The destination is one of the family outings to relax, because you can continue the tourist tradition and watch the sunset in the Dunas do Pôr do Sol, right in front of the sea. But you can also visit Lagoa do Paraíso, the famous postcard of the region that contains the hammocks kissing the water, a bonus: know that the water is not salty.

Maranhão sheets

Photo: Alexandre Ugarte / Flickr

Ever thought of a combination of desert and water? Maranhão can provide you with this experience. You Maranhão sheets are one of best destinations to go with family, because you can explore the region as a group. The place is actually a National Park, which requires expeditions with the help of guides in the middle of the mountains of sand, in order to reach the central lagoons.


Photo: Masajualves / Flickr

Búzios by itself is already a great attraction for tourists, the streets that bring artisanal shops and decorated inns. However, it is considered one of the best places to travel with family because of the immensity of beaches and the calm. During the day visit famous spots such as Praia de Geribá and at night enjoy the nightlife and local cuisine.


Photo: Pedro Soares de Oliveira Neto / Flickr

Floripa could not be missing from your list of family trips. The city of Florianopolis in Santa Catarina attracts many tourists because of the possibilities of beaches, which can be with calm or wild waters and less explored by men, with a rustic touch. Some areas of the island attract a lot of surfers, but what really rocks the region are the night parties, a great place to go with young people.

Angra dos Reis

Photo: Diego Baravelli / Flickr

Another one of the beauties that the Rio de Janeiro has to offer is Angra dos Reis. The region is one of the places in Brazil that is worth visiting with time, because you and your family can visit countless places, such as Big Island, which houses the most famous beach Lopes Mendes. Remembering that the place is the stage for activities such as diving, skiing, stand-up and many other diversions.


Photo: Disclosure

Are you ready to discover one of the best water parks in Brazil? In olympia is located the Thermas dos Laranjais, one of the family outings that you should do. There you can enjoy with children in the playgrounds, or you can venture out on the 30-meter waterslides. But if you just want to have a good time in the water, the pools and rivers are scattered throughout the environment.


Photo: Disclosure

One of the destinations to go with family It's paraty, the historic city Rio de Janeiro. A perfect combination of beaches and history is part of the composition of the place. Walking along the cobbled streets you can see the colonial-style houses and visit the great craft shops. But to explore some of the natural beauty just take a schooner tour and enjoy beaches or spots like blue Lagoon.


Photo: Tiago Pompeu / Wikimedia Commons

On the coast of São Paulo is one of the places to travel and discover new things. People often have the view that ubatuba it is always full and it is very difficult to enjoy the sea. It's really just a matter of knowing where to go. To enjoy deserted beaches you can visit: Praia do Português, Praia do Félix and Ilha das Couves. So you end up making one of the best family trips.

Campos do Jordão

Photo: Leonardo Shinagawa / Flickr

Another one of the pearls Sao Paulo and one of the highest points in Brazil is Campos do Jordão. Surely you've heard of the place and know that you don't have to be in the cold to enjoy the city. Campos offers you cable car rides, a forest garden, a garden with different decoration and, of course, privileged views of the mountainous landscape with hot chocolate in hand.


Photo: Ricαrdo / Flickr

As soon as we think of Rio Grande do Norte, we already associate it with the city of Christmas. There, the most famous housewives in Brazil will be part of their family outings. The great attractions of the place are the buggy rides on the sandy terrain, where you end up coming across many beaches and lakes around. But like most Northeastern cities, there is also a lot of gastronomy and handicrafts.


Photo: Legacy600 / Wikimedia Commons

If you are looking for one of places to travel with family and relax, maragogi one of the best. The place has a vast number of natural pools, called “galés”, where you can dive into the transparent waters and see the fish and corals. But in addition, you can also visit the famous beaches of the region such as Barra Grande.

João Pessoa

Photo: Thiago Silva / Flickr

In Paraíba there is another destination with beaches that are worth visiting with the family: João Pessoa. Have you ever thought about visiting famous spots like Costa do Conde? Where you can take buggy rides and discover many remote and deserted beaches. But in addition, there are natural pools, located in Seixas, where the water is almost transparent and calm.

Foz do Iguaçu

Photo: Deni Williams / Flickr

A watershed is Foz do Iguaçu, border of Brazil with Argentina and Paraguay. It is one of places to travel with family because you can venture out or just observe the natural beauties. The great attraction of the place are the waterfalls of Iguaçu, which offer a boat ride and a walkway to enjoy the huge waterfalls. That is, the path can please everyone.


Photo: A. Duarte / Flickr

Strength Contrary to what many think, it's not just the beach and Beach Park. The place is home to many cultural centers such as the José de Alencar Theater and the Ceará Museum. But surely the strong point are the attractions at sea, the family outings that you need to do if you want to take a bath in salt water are: Praia de Iracema, Praia do Futuro and Prainha.


Photo: Ieda Funari

firecrackers It is one of hidden places in Brazil. In Santa Catarina it is close to the park Beto Carrero World, therefore, many tourists choose the city to stay and spend the day at the amusement park. However, the place also has many attractions such as its own Safari, a viewpoint that provides a view of the horizon in the sea and diving options.


Photo: Vitor Jubini / MTur

Guarapari It is one of destinations to go with family in the Holy Spirit. The large number of beaches can leave visitors confused when choosing, but if you are looking to relax with your family, there is nothing better than going to a quiet place like Praia dos Padres. However, if you enjoy a hustle and bustle, Bacutia Beach may be ideal.


Photo: Evandro Sudré / Flickr

As the name suggests, the city of Beautiful in Mato Grosso do Sul is full of natural beauties and options for family outings. There you can float in rivers and lakes, where you can clearly see fish and aquatic animals. But in addition, you can also visit caves and waterfalls and explore all the fauna and flora of the region.

Costa do Sauipe

Photo: Disclosure

one more of places to travel with family what is worth it is Costa do Sauipe in Bahia. The place is almost a resort complex which are located in front of the sea, so you can enjoy the comfort of the accommodation and take a dip whenever you want.


Photo: Cleverton Ribeiro / MTur

Are you in the mood to enjoy some deserted beaches? Aracaju is another one of places to travel with family and relax in front of the sea. With a large number of beaches, the city in low season is almost empty during the week. So even if your vacation date didn't fall on the planned day, it's also profit.

Camboriú Bathhouse

Photo: Otávio Nogueira / Flickr

Another city close to Beto Carrero World. In addition to the options of beaches and cable cars, in Camboriú Bathhouse you can go hiking, zip lining and visit viewpoints. Another attraction that delights families is the Christ Light, a statue that each day of the week has a different color. But if you like more exciting things, the place is also great for practicing paragliding.

Route of Emotions

Photo: Jonathan Hood / Wikimedia Commons

THE Route of Emotions It is one of family outings that you need to do. The package, in fact, passes through the best-known points in the northeast such as Lençóis Maranhenses, Delta do Parnaíba and Jericoacoara. You can include one or another destination in this plan and get to know all the tourist cities at once.

Arraial d'Ajuda

Photo: Publicity Porto Seguro

Arraial d'Ajuda it is part of Porto Seguro, but it has a quieter feel during the day to day. Thus, it is one of best places to travel with family, because you can get to know the central beach: Mucugê and explore through walks to other beaches. On the way, you can also visit the watershed with Porto Seguro, the Buranhém River.

broken Canoe

Photo: Otávio Nogueira / Wikimedia Commons

One of the few beaches you will know that has a logo is broken Canoe. located in Ceará is one of the many round trips in Fortaleza, but if you want to enjoy your family tripsAnyway, we recommend a longer stay. There you can see the cliffs, take a bath in the sea, visit Morro Branco, take buggy rides and eat very well with Northeastern foods.


Photo: Matt Kieffer / Flickr

savior It is famous for many reasons and attracts tourists from all over Brazil. It's one of those destinations worth visiting. travel with family, because it manages to please all tastes. If you like historical centers and cultural spots, you can visit Pelourinho and the Church of Nosso Senhor do Bonfim. But if beaches are your thing, go to Ilha dos Frades and Praia do Flamengo.


Photo: Vitor Jubini / MTur

Big city with beach, who never dreamed of?  Victory is another one of destinations to go with family, because you can enjoy the beauties of the seas and beaches and still have all the comfort that the city can offer. There you can visit the most famous spots such as: Parque Pedra da Cebola, Praia de Camburi and Praia do Canto.


Photo: Vilma Neres / Flickr

don't go thinking that manaus It is a small city, quite the contrary, it is a Brazilian metropolis. to go with relatives, the ideal is not to leave aside the great tourist attractions, such as the Amazonas Theater, with its pink hue and classic decor, and the Museum of the Amazon. But also visit the famous meeting of the waters and Praia da Ponte Negra to understand the natural diversity present in the region.

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