There is no bad time when planning a trip, but organizing a “eurotrip” can cause minor headaches. The reason is the number of European destinations and possible routes to take on a trip to the old continent.

In addition to the numerous possibilities of tours, there is also the question of values and the means of transport that offer the chosen route. Once inside the Europe you can find different promotions airline tickets with the famous low cost, in addition to tickets with great prices in railway companies and road, increasing even more the possibilities and indecision when buying tickets.

With that in mind, the GoEuro created an incredible platform, which brings together all the options for transport available for a trip on the European continent. As the entire transport network is connected, this platform came with the intention of simplifying the traveler's life and connecting the continent more economically.

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The site offers some great tools, which filter out the best prices and best routes to take. This selection of tips is based on over 80,000 bus and train stops, with around 3,100 airports in 12 different countries.

To use the tool, you only need to inform your destination, number of seats and the dates and means of transport you want to travel.

There is also the possibility to choose the fastest, cheapest and smartest options, the latter being a mix of your other options, selecting the best possible route at the lowest price.

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