Awarded by the WTO, the digital platform Sisterwave, aimed at the female traveler, aims to create connections and make the desire to travel alone a reality for many women. 

You know that desire to pack a backpack and go out into the world, exploring new places, without company, in an autonomous experience? Both men and women can be overcome by this desire to travel alone, but putting it into practice can be more difficult for the female traveler, and for several reasons.

With that in mind and based on some not-so-good personal experiences during autonomous travel, a Brazilian woman who loves traveling the world created the digital platform Sisterwave, a tool especially designed for women who want to travel alone, but don't always feel safe to leave without company. .

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The purpose of sisterwave is to create connections between women travelers and residents of destinations, whether to offer accommodation, company, exchange of information or experiences. Currently, the platform already has more than 5 thousand registered travelers, in addition to 445 hostesses in 158 cities in Brazil. The Southeast region leads both in the number of travelers and hosts, followed by the Northeast, South, Midwest and North.

And it's very easy to register and participate in the community. We'll tell you everything, just keep reading.


The idea for Sisterwave was born during a trip, when designer and businesswoman Jussara Pellicano Botelho, while talking to other women travelers, identified a common concern for all: safety during autonomous travel. She heard reports of several negative experiences and, when thinking about the situations of insecurity she herself went through in certain places, she decided to create a platform to support women travellers.

Right from the start, the project showed promise and won the Startup Weekend, an entrepreneurship event, in which innovation projects are put into practice and developed. After that, the platform took shape and went live in early 2019.

Since then, it has been conquering more and more women travelers – or sisters, as they are called by the startup people. As in the case of Airbnb and on CouchSurfing, it is possible to register on the platform as a host or only as a traveler.

However, Sisterwave does not allow you to rent entire properties. This is because the purpose of the tool is precisely to create connections, promoting coexistence between the sisters (travelers and hostesses). So much so that the platform also has groups for exchanging experiences.

Only women can register with Sisterwave and the reason is pretty obvious: the platform was created for them to feel safer when traveling. However, hostesses are allowed to register even if they have men living with them, as long as they inform travelers of this. Just as it is possible for a woman to travel accompanied by a man, as long as the hostess accepts to receive them. It all depends on a previous – and sincere – conversation through Sisterwave's chat.

Currently, the support network for women travelers operates only in Brazil, but the idea is to expand to travel abroad, mainly in Europe and the United States. And, even before taking international flights, Sisterwave has already gained fame abroad, being recognized by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) with the award for best startup in the gender equity category of the 3rd Global Startup Competition

How to register with Sisterwave

digital platform women travelers

Photo: Holly Mandarich / Unsplash

THE digital platform for female travelers It does not charge a fee for the intermediation of reservations and information exchange, but to register it is necessary to pay an annual fee of R$ 153.80.

The first step to enter the community of female travelers is to register on the digital platform. For this, it is necessary to correctly fill in your data, with special attention to the documentation and telephone number, in order to provide more security for the other sisters.

You can register as a traveler or host. Initially, all registrations are personal and, later, if you want to offer hosting or some other service, just fill in the “My Services” menu.

Communication and interaction with other travelers or hostesses is only released after the annual fee has been paid. The platform provides a chat so that the sisters can align expectations, resolve doubts, exchange contacts, negotiate and interact.

Searching on Sisterwave is pretty easy: you choose the destination and the platform lists the hosts that offer services there. After contacting the traveler, the hostess has 24 hours to analyze and respond if she is available to receive her. If the request is accepted, the traveler has up to 48 hours to pay for the service, and only then is the reservation confirmed.

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