Make one tour aboard a yacht It's a totally luxurious thing. Yes, sailing on a yacht is a luxury, and it is also entirely possible thanks to services offered by platforms such as Click&Boat. Through it it is possible to choose the desired boat, organize your personalized itinerary for yacht rental and live memorable moments with family or a group of friends.

Renting a yacht and taking tours in places of extreme beauty in Brazil, whether for a few hours, a few days or as long as you wish: this is an accessible reality for those who want to live an experience of this level and take the opportunity to take beautiful photos that can be shared on their social networks.

In fact, this can also be totally strategic to gain visibility, followers and likes on networks like Instagram, for example, where memorable photos arouse the curiosity of users who are on the platform.

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Another suggestion is a romantic outing on a yacht. Asking for the hand of great love on board a yacht is, in addition to being romantic, something unforgettable for the chosen person. Not only that, but also celebrating wedding anniversaries or some sort of personal and professional achievement. When you think of a yacht, there are infinite possibilities for programs that can be carried out alongside loved ones.

How to rent a yacht?

yacht rental

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rent a yacht it's very simple. By Click&Boat this service is offered quickly and with great convenience, as the entire process is online. Reservations can be made through the company's website or app.

To rent a yacht it is not necessary to have a nautical license, and not even know how to sail. This concern does not exist, since to facilitate the entire tour, the yacht rental already includes a captain in the price, in addition to having a crew as well. All this happens in complete safety, without agglomerations, away from crowds and walking only with your group of friends, respecting social distance. A Click&Boat yacht tour can be considered luxurious, memorable and exclusive, taking into account that it is very safe.

The average yacht rental value varies between 6,930 reais and 18,895 reais per day, depending on the model and rental format chosen. These values and tours can be done in Brazil and in other countries served by the platform.

how a yacht works

Many people are curious to know how a yacht works. Yachts are intended to facilitate moments of leisure, and are used especially for outings on the high seas.

Compared to sailboats and speedboats, a yacht offers more refinement and comfort, and some people even use it as a home. They can be powered by motor or sail. The great advantage is the possibility of longer trips, thanks to a majestic vessel that stands out for its rooms, kitchen and bathrooms, in addition to other amenities and grandeur that only a yacht can offer.

We can say that a yacht is like an apartment on the high seas, where luxury and comfort are present in every room.

movie thing

How many and how many times have we watched scenes from classic movies and blockbusters where a yacht stood out in the midst of the story giving more emotion and beauty to the plot. We can mention some films in which yachts stood out in some scenes such as Logan, the Wolf of Walt Street, Entourage: Fame and Friendship, in addition to X-Men: First Class and several other productions.

Yachts have also been seen in many successful soap operas in Brazil and countries like Mexico, where teledramaturgy is also strong. Soap operas such as Flor do Caribe, Haja Coração, Viver a Vida and Verão 90, for example, showed memorable scenes with some characters aboard a yacht.

This proves once again the luxury and all that a yacht tour represents. This is not ostentation, but a lifelong experience and a right for anyone who wants to live the best life. There are plenty of reasons to live all this.

the return of normality

For many months the pandemic made people stay locked up to avoid the risk of contagion, which is absolutely correct, but today things are gradually returning to normal and with the approval of the health authorities.

Little by little we are feeling the air of freedom again, of fraternization between family and friends, and having back the special moments. A boat trip is the most interesting way to celebrate the new era that is starting to gain strength.

Just access the Click&Boat platform, through the website or the app, choose your preferred yacht model and schedule your tour for a weekend or the whole week, if you wish. You choose how you will live this luxurious and unforgettable moment.

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