Discover the charming village of Porto de Pedras, one of the most rustic and charming destinations on the famous Costa dos Corais, in Alagoas

the charming city of Port of Stones it is just 109 km from Maceió, the capital of Alagoas. The municipality was once a small fishing village and still carries a lot of culture and characteristics that can be found in handicrafts, in a short walk through the city streets or heard in a few minutes in a conversation with locals.

The municipality is located between the cities of São Miguel dos Milagres and Japaratinga, both located in the region of coral coast, a tourist territory formed by the second largest barrier reef in the world (behind only the australian coast).

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Little known among tourists, Port of Stones has a rich history, the region was a point of dispute between the Portuguese and the Dutch. The strong Catholic presence can be noticed by visiting the churches of São Gonçalo (located in the village of Tatuamunha), Nossa Senhora da Piedade and the parish church of Nossa Senhora da Glória. Old buildings also color and brighten the streets of the friendly city.

The rustic touch of Port of Stones and its nearby villages make the region a strategic point for those exploring the coral coast.

Porto de Pedras - Alagoas.

Porto de Pedras – Alagoas. Photo: Gustavo Albano

How to get

Leaving Maceió, take AL 101 North; passing São Luís do Quitunde to a mill then take the road that enters the tourist route. The road is fully paved and crosses Passo de Camaragibe before reaching the coast at Barra de Camaragibe.

Coming from Recife, take the PE-060 to Maragogi, the city that borders the state on AL-101 Norte, then head to Japaratinga, where you will take the ferry on the Manguaba River. The ferry runs whenever there are cars during the day and afternoon.

What to do

THE beach in Port of Stones it is the closest to the center, the place does not have a waterfront, but close to the beach it is possible to find some snack bars, bars and simple restaurants, with typical foods. At the end of the beach towards the south side of the coast, an arm of the river flows into the sea, allowing for a wonderful bathing in fresh water.

Next is the paradise Patacho Beach, which has been attracting the attention of travelers more and more. Its immense coconut grove and its clear and calm waters in a quiet and very preserved region is sought after by people who wish to be more isolated. With not very easy access, the beach does not offer structure to visitors, only charming hotels and some luxury inns are found in some points, always far from each other.

Porto de Pedras - Alagoas.

Porto de Pedras – Alagoas. Photo: Gustavo Albano

Porto de Pedras - Alagoas.

Photo: Gustavo Albano

The city also has two more beaches: Lajes and Tatuamunha. Both with an extensive strip of sand framed by coconut trees and natural pools that form between the rocks and coral reefs.

The region is also home to many manatees that find in the warm and green waters of the rivers a calm and peaceful environment to live. Be sure to check out the tour to observe the species, made by an association that seeks to ensure the environmental preservation of the region through tourism. Visiting the site is entitled to a small ecological trail and a delicious boat ride through the mangrove.


Porto de Pedras – Alagoas. Photo: Gustavo Albano

Built in 1940, the Porto de Pedras Lighthouse is a must-see, with an impressive panoramic view of Porto de Pedras beach.

The Lighthouse can be accessed from the cobbled street next to the old Public Jail.


Photo: Gustavo Albano

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