Find out what it's like to travel in TAP economy class to Portugal: services, aircraft, entertainment and discounts

TAP Air Portugal, the largest Portuguese airline, operates routes to Portugal and also to several other destinations around the world. In Brazil, the company is very popular for offering flights to Lisbon and connections to several European countries.

But what is it like to fly with TAP to Portugal? We will report here the experience of traveling with the company from São Paulo (GRU) to Lisbon (LIS) in economy class.

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What is it like to fly to Portugal with TAP?

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THE Airbus A330-900neo is the new TAP aircraft used on its Lisbon – São Paulo route. This airplane model can carry up to 298 passengers, 34 in business class and 264 in economy class, the latter having 2-4-2 seats.

From the point of view of the economy class passenger, the experience brings several differentials. One of them is the space between the ergonomic armchairs, which, in this model, is larger and generates a greater feeling of comfort. The luggage compartment is also spacious and avoids that confusion at the time of boarding. In addition, the first rows of seats have extra legroom.

In addition to being a very quiet trip (you practically forget you are on board an airplane) the cabins also have a special lighting system that accompanies each phase of the flight, that is, it gradually decreases when night comes. This mitigates the effects of the famous jetlag (that change in biological rhythm that occurs after changing time zones on long trips).

To learn more about TAP's fleet Click here.

Flying with TAP: economy class services


The first rows of economy class have extra space and remote control to access the entertainment screens. Photo: Better Travel Guide

On the trip from São Paulo to Lisbon aboard the Airbus A330-900neo blankets, pillows and headphones are provided. The crew is very helpful and attentive – and the fact that they speak Portuguese is an advantage.

The trip includes two meals, being a breakfast with breads, cold cuts, fruit salad and hot or cold drinks (coffee, water, tea, juices, among others) and another with a meal, which can be lunch or dinner. The dish is very complete and, in general, you can choose pasta, fish, meat or chicken served with side dishes (rice, salad, bread, butter), as well as dessert and drinks (there are wine options).

You can request alternative menus if you have any dietary restrictions or preferences. In addition, another positive point: the cutlery offered are made of metal, much more resistant than the plastic ones.

Traveling with TAP: onboard entertainment


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The trip from São Paulo to Lisbon takes about 9 hours. In this case, as much as you have no problem sleeping during the flight, at some point it is inevitable to get a little bored – that's where in-flight entertainment makes all the difference.

When flying economy class with TAP to Portugal, a positive point is the individual monitors in each seat, which offer great entertainment content. The company offers a wide variety of series and films (from great classics to new releases from the cinema), as well as games and special content for children. In addition, it is also possible to follow the entire flight path through a map and see information in real time.

Another advantage for those who cannot stay away from social networks or want to communicate with friends and relatives during the flight is the internet service on board. TAP offers free and unlimited wi-fi connection for sending text messages, such as WhatsApp. More complete single packages, with access to social networks and e-mails, can also be purchased during the trip. In addition, to charge the cell phone there is an individual USB port and socket.

How to save money when traveling on TAP 

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For those who intend to fly with TAP on their next vacation, there are some benefit programs to save money – or give that “upgrade” to the trip. THE TAP Miles&Go is the company's frequent flyer program and offers some benefits as well as exclusive services.

By joining the program, you can accumulate points flying with TAP or through several partners that the company makes available on land. You can then exchange them for discounts on travel (thus accumulating more points), upgrades (to business class or to choose your seat, for example) or onboard services. So, the more you travel, the more points you accumulate, so it's a very advantageous program. To learn more about Miles&Go and register (it's free) Click here.

Another piece of information that few people know is that TAP also makes it possible to payment of tickets in up to 12 installments when payment is made by credit cards issued in Brazil. This is a good opportunity for those who want to pay the fare little by little and guarantee that extra money to enjoy all the beauties of Portugal.

* This trip was made at the invitation of the TAP Air Portugal It's from Discover Portugal Project

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