Exciting video released by Portugal's tourism body asks people not to visit the country now

Usually, countries produce videos in order to publicize their attractions and attract more tourists. However, in the face of coronavirus pandemic affecting tourism all over the world, we are facing an atypical situation where traveling is out of the question. With campaigns that decree social isolation, at this time the best thing to do is stay at home.

Thinking about encouraging people not to travel, the Official department of tourism Portugal released a video asking people not to visit the country. About two minutes long, the video features images of beautiful Lusitanian landscapes filmed before the outbreak. An emotional message is narrated throughout the video, with emotional phrases such as “The time has come to stop, to look at each other from a distance, to take a break for the world. The time has come to stop, to take a break. Restart. Hang up to move on.”

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See the full video:


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