The Government of Portugal suspended a state of emergency last Sunday (3), but the return of establishments will be gradual and maintaining protection measures

After a month and a half of quarantine to contain the advances of the new coronavirus, Portugal started, this Monday (4), to reopen small commercial establishments. The government announced last Sunday (3) the suspension of the state of emergency in the country.

However, the measures will be progressive and the population must still respect the physical distancing rules. For starters, the use of protective masks or visors is mandatory in shops, public places and also in transport – the latter, if disrespected, can generate a fine of up to 250 euros.

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Portugal reopens establishments: social distancing still continues 

state of emergency portugal establishments

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In addition, establishments will only be able to reopen at 10 am, always respecting the rules of distancing. Places such as beauty salons, for example, should meet with an appointment.

At classes in the country should continue to be carried out online until the end of the school year for elementary and elementary students. In the second half of May, the plan is to resume classes for high school students.

Therefore, the recommendation is that, whoever can, should continue working in the home office scheme, since places with concentration with more than 10 people are prohibited.

Museums, bars and restaurants are allowed to resume activities from May 18 if they respect the required standards. However, in the case of movie theaters and large department stores, the forecast is that they will reopen only in early June.

With quick isolation actions, Portugal was one of least affected European countries by the coronavirus.

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