Post-pandemic trips: with the control of the steering wheel in hand, it is possible to know some of the Brazilian wonders in an incredible itinerary by car 

Travel had to be postponed due to the spread of the new coronavirus (Covid-19), declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization in March. However, currently, some destinations already allow travelers to visit attractions again and perform some of the tours planned for the year. This is where the regional itineraries gain prominence, mainly in the road segment.

In order to guarantee the safety and freedom that travel deserves, many are choosing to travel by car through Brazil. Even those drivers who do not have a vehicle or who do not have the ideal model for certain routes can travel, opting for car rental. 

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Car itineraries in regional destinations

Post-pandemic travel: car itineraries through Brazil are a trend

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With the strong impact on the aviation segment and the concern to have control over the itineraries, the tendency is for travelers to opt for shorter trips. This is what a survey carried out by the platform demonstrates. According to the study, more than half of Brazilians plan to return to travel after the end of the pandemic. In addition, the survey shows that 47% of respondents want to visit national attractions. 

The Brazilian coast, once again, is highlighted in this post-pandemic travel scenario. As a result, capitals such as Florianópolis (32%), Fortaleza (29%), Recife (23%), Rio de Janeiro (22%) and Salvador (20%) are positioned as main destinations for travelers.

The analysis also shows that 53% of respondents will prioritize family outings and that 46% of travelers want to go to destinations known for their low agglomeration rate, such as waterfalls and beaches. About 70% of the respondents still made it clear that, after months of confinement, they value the habit of traveling and that they intend to increase the frequency of travel after the restrictions are loosened. 

Other surveys have also recorded this desire on the part of travelers to enjoy more national destinations, especially those that are closer and that allow for an affordable return home. According to a survey based on the experience of more than 18 million users, there is a consensus that the recovery starts with the domestic market, with short trips of up to 3 hours by car to the interior or coast. 

Car rental for short trips

This period of social isolation has awakened in many travelers the desire to feel free again. Of course, all following the recommendations of responsible bodies. And with social distancing being one of the main recommended measures, many choose to leave bus and plane routes for a more favorable scenario. That's where car rental companies can help travelers. 

Localiza, for example, has more of 500 branches throughout Brazil and more than 200 thousand cars available in the fleet across the country, allowing travelers to easily find an agency close to their homes. The company also reinforced the safety issue and implemented several measures to help those who wish to leave the house and hit the road.

And to help travelers plan their next trips, we've gathered important information and tips for those looking to hit the road and venture into some of the destinations mentioned by Check out!

Florianopolis (SC)

Post-pandemic travel: car itineraries through Brazil are a trend

Post-pandemic travel. Photo: Pixabay

Beach destinations are already among the favorites of Brazilian travelers and, after a long period of seclusion, they are coming back with force in this post-pandemic scenario. The capital of Santa Catarina, a popular destination in the South region, offers tours that please everyone. It is a great alternative for those who want beach, culture, cuisine, nightlife or rest. 

Nature is a strong point of the place and it gains a special charm with the Portuguese roots, which strongly influenced the architecture and customs. For those who enjoy sport, whether ecotourism or beach, you will certainly find several options. Shows and exhibitions are another strong point of the southern destination, which develops a calendar full of exclusive actions, such as Florianópolis. For those from the region, as Curitiba or Porto Alegre, it is worth planning a trip to put your foot in the sand.  

Fortaleza (CE)

Post-pandemic travel. Photo: Disclosure

The capital of Ceará is a full plate for those who want to relax in the midst of beautiful landscapes, sea air and lots of coconut water. But the question many travelers ask is: which beach to visit? Important attractions, such as Praia do Futuro, yield days of great heat and enjoyment, with a lively night full of good gastronomic options.

Take the opportunity to take the car and make that mandatory stop at the paradisiacal Canoa Quebrada. Those who prefer can combine fun, adrenaline and water in Aquiraz, where the Beach Park water park is located. 

Recife PE)

Post-pandemic travel: car itineraries through Brazil are a trend

Post-pandemic travel. Photo: Pixabay

Rest, history, culture and gastronomy in one place. Recife is perfect for those who want to do it all. The capital of Pernambuco has Dutch references and has historic buildings still active today. Visiting the city requires a visit to the historic region known as Recife Antigo, where Marco Zero, Paço Alfândega and the Centro de Artesanatos are located. 

Since you're driving, it's worth a trip to neighboring Olinda, which attracts the most curious eyes for its colors and local hospitality. Another city not far away is Ipojuca, where the district of Porto de Galinhas is located, which is part of a beautiful chain of seven beaches. Bathing your feet is law and contemplating nature is essential. 

Rio de Janeiro - RJ)

Post-pandemic travel. Photo: Pixabay

The wonderful city could not fail to be on the list of the most requested cities by travelers who intend to resume post-pandemic itineraries. The livelier, more hospitable carioca way that conquers the hearts of those who arrive there is a gift to visitors. 

In addition to the wonderful beaches that spread across the city, we cannot forget the cultural wealth available in the destination. After all, we are talking about the place where the Sugarloaf Mountain and Christ the Redeemer, one of the seven wonders of the world, are located. 

Salvador BA)

Post-pandemic travel: car itineraries through Brazil are a trend

Post-pandemic travel. Photo: Pixabay

The “Ô meu rei” is already audible in the minds of those who know the legacy of the Bahian capital, which is responsible for delivering to visitors a large part of the Brazilian cultural wealth. That tour in Pelourinho with the right to an acarajé cannot be left out of this itinerary. 

In addition to the city's beaches, there is a lot of history that is worth remembering on a visit to the Elevador Lacerda, Mercado Modelo, Farol da Barra or the Basilica of Senhor do Bonfim. In the latter, for example, be sure to tie your Senhor do Bonfim ribbon and place your order. 

Did you like the tips? Well, then it's time to pack your bags, rent a car and set off on another adventure in destinations across Brazil. 

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