Are you one of those people in love with natural monuments? Then you need to know the Buraco do Padre in Ponta Grossa

This is a privately owned place located just 120 km from the center of Curitiba, in Ponta grossa. A differential of the park is the easy way to get to the interior of the cave, walking for less than 1 km on a very well signposted trail, with wooden walkways that guarantee access for visitors of all ages and motor skills.

thick point priest's hole

Ponta Grossa – Padre's Hole. Photo: José Fernando Ogura?ANPr

THE Priest's Hole It is such a beautiful place that it can be seen from the viewpoints, at the top of the Favo Trail, and get to know Poço Encantado and Toca do Morcego, all of these places already included in the individual entrance ticket to the park.

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The natural monument was found in the 18th century, by Jesuit priests who frequented the place to perform their religious acts. And one of the highlights of the place is the Fenda da Nun, which has green walls carved by time, which leaves all visitors enchanted.

Priest's Hole

Photo: Disclosure

Besides the Hole Trail being fully accessible for any age, the place was also designed for children, the Toca dos Lobinhos, trampoline, slide and other toys for the little ones. In addition, the bathrooms are equipped with a changing table and children under 5 years old do not pay entry to the park.

Guided Tour

The visit to the interior of the Rift is guided and takes place by appointment, number of visitors and ticket purchase. And of course, the mask is mandatory!

What draws the most attention is the peculiar formation of the attraction, accessed through a crack in the waterfall, very different from any other waterfall, precisely because it is between walls but with an open part at the top that allows natural light to enter.

thick tip paraná

Photo: Disclosure

In addition to the geological importance and breathtaking landscapes, the park offers comfort, safety, cleanliness and incredible photos for visitors from all over Brazil. It is an experience of adventure and peace, fun, environmental education and family leisure.

Priest's Hole

Photo: Disclosure


THE Wolf's Cafe it is a relaxed and ideal environment to give a break on your adventure or just to recharge your batteries. On the menu you will find cold drinks, hot snacks, ice cream and even special beers in a covered environment with a privileged view. In addition to pizzas, sandwiches, smash burger, açaí and etc.

Transform your experience into Priest's Hole into something even more special and take some time to relax with a delicious picnic in the park. There are two basket options (premium wine or beer) that accompany dishes, cutlery, glasses, glasses and napkins. The perfect picnic for an unforgettable afternoon, with cushions, tablecloths and a super comfortable platform, the picnic areas also have a covered kiosk and a table for support.

So if you really are a lover of walks through natural monuments, be sure to include Buraco do Padre in your bucket list. round trip in Curitiba.

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