Qatar Airways will donate 100,000 airline tickets for healthcare professionals to take a vacation after the pandemic

During a pandemic, health professionals were the most overwhelmed and are taking the front line in every country in the world, showing the importance of medicine in times like this.

The task force takes on an even greater proportion within hospitals. Nurses, doctors, cleaning and maintenance professionals, ambulance drivers, among others who live the pain of a pandemic daily, deserve immense recognition.

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Definitely, without health professionals, global crises like the one we are going through would be even more tragic. They make a difference in a critical moment like the one we are living and become true heroes.

To reduce the stress caused by long journeys, the airline Qatar Airways, which flies to more than 150 destinations around the world, is offering 100,000 airline tickets free as a tribute to health professionals around the world.

The campaign Thank You Medics, began on the 12th of May and runs until the 18th of the same month. On the release date, in the International Nurses Day, health professionals were contemplated with this news that recognizes and values their importance.

This action will reward professionals who leave their families at home, as they struggle daily with the triggering of the biggest pandemic of our generation. The company, which was awarded as the Best Airline in the World in 2019, priority is given to respect and care for passengers and shows the reason for this achievement in times like this.

How to apply to win Qatar Airways tickets?

In celebration of Nurse's Day, celebrated around the world, the heartwarming campaign showcases the value of healthcare professionals. “Thank you for never giving up”, “thank you for taking care of us”, “you inspire us”, “you are heroes”, “we will be forever grateful” and “thank you to each of you who are on the front lines”, were just some of the thanks that the crew of the largest airline in Qatar published in their campaign.

Health professionals interested in the campaign can apply through a form published in the airline's official website. They will have the opportunity to win airline tickets round trip, to fly to destinations operated by Qatar Airways. Professionals in the field will also be able to bring a companion on this trip.

With an unlimited number of destinations, travel can be booked between the 26th of November and the 10th of December 2020, but can be rescheduled free of charge if necessary.

Qatar Airways Campaign

Qatar Airways campaign honors healthcare professionals. Photo: Disclosure

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